Time travel with the Tarot Cards

Time travel with the Tarot Cards

How come the Tarot knows the future? That you put down a few cards and then deduce all kinds of conclusions – which prove to be correct too!

My logical mind doesn’t understand any of that. But I’ve been through it so many times that I trust it anyway. With the Tarot, you can travel through time.

But whether a question is easy to answer or not? That depends on how concrete the question is, and also how many emotions are involved.

Hey, that’s my ex.

Questions about an existing, concrete situation are fairly easy to answer. Where someone lives, for example, or who they are married to. That is fixed.

We are talking about the materialized situation. Everything is clear; it is what it is. In other words, we are dealing with ‘solidified’ energy. The Tarot picks that up effortlessly, without noise on the line.

Time travel with the Tarot Cards

For example, in a laying pattern, the ‘Justice’ card will appear, and the asker calls out, ‘Oh, that’s right, that’s my ex. He was a judge. ‘ 

Another good example: when asked about a move, the asker’s house was represented by ten pentagrams: a beautiful old house with an excellent reputation.

Everything is in motion: a dancing brook. It is

Slightly more difficult to predict a trend. A trend is less clear-cut; it’s about things that are in motion. You can compare the field of cause and effect to a flowing river.

 Throw a stick in that river. If the river flows calmly and steadily, you can predict quite accurately where the stick will end up. That is a matter of cause and effect. There is, therefore, always a little leeway in a trend forecast.

If the river is turbulent, like a dancing brook, the stick can get caught behind all kinds of stones or protrusions or end up in a cycle. Your tarot laying (or other divination) gives a good picture of the underlying atmosphere in such a situation, but no concrete details.

When is there turbulence in the field? When major changes are going on around us. Or if the questioner is particularly emotional about something. Then there are many more possibilities, and a tarot reading is less accurate, at least in terms of the future.

In the middle of the sea

It only becomes real coffee grounds when your question is about making a choice. Especially if the very can go in all directions. Then you are not in a river, but on the high seas, it can go in any direction.

And those are precisely the situations in which you are looking for guidance! But of course, the Tarot cannot tell you what to do. You have to decide that for yourself.

Submitting choices to the Tarot

That is not to say that the Tarot cannot help you. You can present the Tarot with a few choices. ‘What will happen if I take that job? What will change if I marry Joris? ‘ “How will I feel in a year, if I decide to move?” That information will help you make the best decision.

If you want to go deeper into it, you can use the Tarot to determine your leeway. Can you really go in all directions? Or does it only seem that way, and are there indeed obstacles and limitations (and therefore guidance)?

Flatboat, strong wind

Maybe your figurative boat has a leak (your physical condition is not good). Or is there a strong wind (someone is trying to influence you). Maybe your boat is very big (your plan is quite extensive), and you need to look for a fairway (a teacher who has gone the same path more often than you want now. Maybe you have obligations, and you need to be back in port on time.

When determining these kinds of preconditions and limitations, you have to keep asking questions. Besides, the help of an experienced tarotist is very nice, someone who masters the art of asking questions.

True wisdom

In my opinion, the most beautiful application of the Tarot is not to predict the future, but to look into your own heart. In doing so, you ask questions such as: “What is preventing me from finding work?” “Why don’t I have a partner?”

Self-inquiry takes a lot of courage. The answer can be confronting, but these are by far the best questions to ask because they teach you about who you really are. Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. And that’s the point.

What question would you like to ask the Tarot? Share it in the comments.

Tarot and the Kabbalah

In the Temple, we work a lot with the Tarot. The card game connects seamlessly with the Kabbalah‘s Tree of Life, which in turn leads to beautiful insights. Tarot is (among others) on the Kabbalah training program in the Realm of the Sun.

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