About Me

My name is Elizabeth, and I currently live in the heart of Prague, even though I come from an old aristocratic Russian and German ancestry, which includes influential figures and freemasons. I studied 6 languages, out of which 4 fluently (English, Russian, Hebrew, Czech), plus Arabic and French. I traveled a lot over the course of my life and had studied the occult and esoteric disciplines, wisdom, and traditions for over 20 years, from the world’s most notable Masters.

I was lucky to have access to some ancient-knowledge books, which are lying locked in private libraries, forever withheld from the general public’s eye. My multi-lingual background enabled me to read many famous books in their original language, without having to blindly rely on the accuracy of the translation.

At some point in my life, when I turned 36, I felt like a carafe, so full of ancient wisdom and knowledge, that it was about to spill. Hence, I believe it would be a crime not to share my expertise with the broad audience, who is thirsty for any piece of information on these subjects. Taking secrets and gold to the grave is what kings and pharaoh used to do.

I, on the other hand, am convinced that the highest degree of fulfillment comes from passing the enlightenment further, rather than incubating it in my head and building a fence around it.

Many years ago, I had already built a thriving business, and thankfully at this point in life, I have a lot of free time on my hands, which I can devote to this blog, and feel enormously passionate about it.

Moreover, it breaks my heart to see modern-day “gurus” pop up with alarming regularity, and gaining fame and reputation, from writing books that have literally zero value or are even complete nonsense.

While I am definitely ‘for’ adopting productive lifestyle and psychological habits, I have yet to see a person who achieved massive success by merely writing his dreams on paper and positively thinking about them on a regular basis. Yet, there are hundreds of authors, some of which have become millionaires, by mulling over the law of attraction or positive mindset topics. This is only a small fraction of the ancient wisdom, yet their popularity demonstrates, how our today’s society is hungry for information to the point that they are thankful for every piece of advice tossed at them.

What am I an advocate of?

  • High morality.
  • Ceaseless education and development of the individual outside the schooling system.
  • Minimalism (not to be mistaken for asketism).
  • Studying and understanding the Laws governing the universe.
  • Making use of ancient esoteric practices and hermetic principles in daily life.
  • Meditation.
  • A healthy lifestyle that supports vitality.
  • Accumulation of individual wealth, yet not at the expense of others.

What am I definitely against of?

  • Substances (of any kind, including the so-called “spiritual,” hallucinogenic brew ‘ayahuasca’)
  • Greed – both collective and individual
  • Slavery – both physical and emotional
  • Religious, social and political dogma (which was designed to keep us in slavery…)
  • Ignorance
  • Complete altruism (not to be mistaken with harsh-heartedness).

I used to be a book worm all my life, and will never be able to count, how many books have I read and studied to date. This, however, gives me the freedom to review other’s writings with confidence, as I believe I have a good point of reference to begin with, despite my relatively young age.

Lastly, I believe it’s necessary to mention, that this is a non-commercial blog. I will never send marketing emails, and the only reason I accept donations in the form of “buy me a coffee”, is because I have spent countless hours sharing this priceless knowledge with You, in hope to make Your life better, inspire You and pull You out of the slavery and ignorance that you have been pushed to by the ruling class. If you feel grateful, discovered something new, opened your eyes for new horizons AND can afford to thank me for it, I’ll be most grateful for your contribution. After all, I did say I am for building individual wealth but against altruism 😉