Purpose VS. Technology - Society

All over the world and through all times, man has tried to get a grip on his own being. What exactly is a human? What is the soul? How are soul and body connected, and what happens to our consciousness after death? In the west, technology and digitization now dominate to such an extent that tech(the artificial) seems to become the only lens with which the concept of “human” still gets its head and tail.

Purpose VS. Technology - Society

The human mind can already work with microchips and is reduced to a collection of data that is controlled by the brain or the brain in combination with brain hacking technology. The World Economic Forum has grandiose Frankenstein-esque plans to push this development to the extreme, where even our memories can be replaced and emotions framed.

His plans are all linked to controlled cognitive and emotional functioning. The point is most people, no matter what culture or time they come from, will experience their soul or mind as something that is much more than just idle cognitive or emotional functioning, let alone a third-party controlled version of it.

Although the transhumanists disagree, man is not a machine. The human being is not a purely technical matter. Their problem is that the World Economic Forum even wants to take away from us the definition of “human” as a natural being.

Man’s right to uncertainty

The key concept in “human” is perhaps the concept of freedom. Freedom does not mean anything to a machine and that a machine does not need it. Strangely enough, part of human sacrifices much of that freedom through an exaggerated clinging to certainty. So much so that everything, including truth and one’s own perception, can be denied or denied if necessary in order not to lose that certainty. A more developed part of humanity may need basic certainties, but under no circumstances want to give up the right to uncertainty. Without uncertainty in life, there is no room for the playful, adventurous, discovering things, development, inner growth, tension, you name it, and no choice or freedom at all.

The soul is not a bio-electrical circuit.

Another criticism of the technical view of man lies passively in spiritualism and paranormal. Phantom phenomena, possession, temporary supernatural qualities during Voodoo trance, Santeria rituals, Winti.

Out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and poltergeist phenomena, show that the soul or spirit is not just a bio-electrical circuit in action in the brain. And the nervous system.

How our souls are alienated from the world and cut ties with ourselves

In the modern digital age, much of humanity has become so attached to screens and the perception of life through screen reality, i.e., flat images and superficial information and misinformation, that an unimaginable numbness has taken place. Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) already discussed this numbness in his book Time of the World View. Experiencing the world as an “image” is not the same as real raw hearing of the world, in which many more human qualities are appealed than just scrolling a game.

Then there’s the insane amount of information we are exposed to every day.

This amount of information and pulp information is put together by the large crowd, who live mainly within a media reality and are in an unhealthy state of symbiosis with this. We are mainly exposed to information that actually does not suit us at all. Information that we have little or nothing with, which is often politicized, but which forms a kind of vortex, which has become part of the (digital) social traffic. So that we remain “hooked” with the hook of Facebook slammed into an infected lower lip.

  • A far-reaching uprooting.
  • An overfeeding of some John Kreiter defines as the conscious self (a reactive part of our soul that functions within a proposed reality imposed by others and becomes increasingly dangerously confused with our real consciousness. Kreiter calls that real consciousness The Ghost in the Machine, that part of the soul that as a spectator can observe the conscious self and all the pitfalls, it falls in. You could also call it the jivan, the someone (I am someone who…) or the higher self.
  • The disconnection or erosion or silencing of our higher self, as described in point 2 above, actually renders us out of control and makes us lose our self-power and self-determination and thus our individuality and our unique individuation process. Precisely what makes us not only unique people but also human in the first place. After all, the human being mainly consists of that wonderful intuitive guideline that is, in fact the dialogue between our higher self and everyday consciousness (conscious self).
  • With our higher self’s loss, we lose connection with our core, the Atman, or inner sun. That which is immortal and invulnerable and a fractal of the Paramatma, total knowing, and total consciousness. The atman is represented as the burning match with which the match of next life is lit at an incarnation end. Our higher self is the connection between me and atman.

Technology and over information blunts our reflectivity into zombie reflexes.

The overkill of information and the associated loss of grip on ourselves, and with it on our soul (the growth project within our mind, which we cherish and maintain far too little in a rat racing culture) is also different, but highly overlapping with the above. Because we are exposed to far too much information, most of the information no longer sinks. I mean, the information no longer descends via the cognitive layer to the emotional and intuitive layer, and it is only through that sinking that we get a grip on the information. To bring in the French philosopher Jacques Ellul, we lose our ability to reflect (also something that distinguishes us from a machine), and we dull into creatures that only respond with reflexes. If the traffic light is red, you stop. If it is green, you walk on, etc.

Legitimation to artificial frames of reference overwrites our consciousness.

Back to both Heidegger to the Ellul: To perceive the world as an “image” bears witness to a typical overload of yang energy in the world and our social dimension. Yang, masculine energy projects images. That is an intrinsic property of yang. Yin does not project but hears, materializes, concretizes. The insanely superficial rapid processing of information, which makes it impossible to settle, is actually tearing the world apart from our soul. We lose all grip on the world and reality and find ourselves locked in a proposed reality with prescribed politically correct frames of reference, which REPLACE the sinking of information to the level that our soul can get a grip on it and give direction to it !!

Soul vs. Technology: Peeling the Onion from Evil

For this reason, it is extremely easy, as with the COVID-19 Planedemic, to lead the whole world to mass psychosis. The post-modern, screen-addicted human in the rat race running on had almost lost contact with the soul anyway. It was still dangling from a thin, frayed thread. The Covid-19 pass, one click with a 5G and wifi-powered matrix, completes the Ellulian drama into Orwellian hell: if your code is green, you can move; if it is red, you go into quarantine. And that is not determined by artificial intelligence or AI.

Nor is it defined by the people behind the whole Orwellian digitization project unleashed on us through the Lock Step scenario and the Reset plans of the World Economic Forum, the EU and the pharmaceutical lobbies, the telecom and high-tech mafias.

It is defined by a form of obsession with what the philosophers describe as the “chilly sterile thing advancing in nature and the human.” The Yaqui Indians call it possession by inorganic life. (See Carlos Castaneda’s book The Art of Dreaming ). The kabbalists call it the qlippoth—the demon world.

Qlippoth is Hebrew for shell or shell. The singular is kippah. Therefore, a demon is the life energy that is trapped, trapped in a suffocating shell that sends the energy from that quality in a certain destructive direction. Just like stagnant water, stuck energy also spoils.

How do you form a qlippah?

With fear.

Why with fear-mongering? To capture and stagnate energy, you need the contraction of that energy.

Anxiety is the psychic equivalent of contraction. Psychically it is one side of a coin whose other side is responsible. And in shedding fear and taking responsibility, you take your soul back. It’s the very best exorcism tool there is. The plague is alone. The soul is an intrinsic social being. And that is what the great blackmail of our time is based on …

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