Energetic cleaning of your home: this is how you remove dark energies

Energetic cleaning of your home: this is how you remove dark energies

Do you want to start the new year with a fresh start? Or do you consciously want to close a nasty period and really leave those negative things from the past behind? A good start is then to clean your house energetically. Did you know that every space absorbs energy? This energy can be positive, but also dark and heavy. Get rid of any negative energies from the past that has lingered in your home. By energetically cleaning your home, you remove such energy and create space for new, fine energy.

Step 1: Clean up the ‘earthly dirt.’

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Start with a big clean-up: dusting, brushing, tidying up, and relaxing. When you have clutter everywhere, your cupboards are bulging, and nothing has a permanent place, this causes unrest. Cleaning and decontamination bring order to chaos, provides an overview, and have a healing effect. Did you know that research has even found that clutter and poor sleep are related? 

In particular, allowing physical junk and knick-knacks to build-up leads to a worse night’s sleep. The first step for a fresh start is, therefore, to ensure a tidy and clean house.

Step 2: energetically clean your home

Negative energies from yourself, roommates, or even previous residents may have lingered and accumulated in your home. Precisely because you are completely yourself in your own home and at your most vulnerable, those negative energies can take hold of you more easily in your own home, especially if you are sensitive to this, for example, because you are highly sensitive. 

These heavy energies can make you feel gloomy, listless, anxious, or angry without realizing it. Fortunately, there are several ways to expel these dark energies. Clean your home energetically so that your living environment will feel pleasant and light again.

How can you energetically clean your home?

There is no one right way to clean your home energetically. Above all, choose a way that suits you and feels good. Whichever way you choose, remember that it is all about intention. You can meditate beforehand and visualize that your home is being cleaned by a white light to reinforce your intention. You can also do to reinforce you intend to say a mantra in each room during the cleansing process. You can think of one of the mantras below:

  • I release all negative energies from the past. They are now allowed to leave this house.
  • I clean my home of all negative energy.
  • Now let all dark energies flow out so that light energies can flow back into my home.

Work from top to bottom in the house, and don’t forget the corners of the rooms. In the corners, negative energies accumulate the most. Open your windows and doors during the cleaning process so that all negative energies can easily find their way out. Then work towards an open window or door.

Option 1. Cleaning your home with crystals

Crystals are powerful resources for the energetic cleaning of your home. First, make sure that your gemstone itself is properly cleaned to absorb the negative energies easily. Then give your gem the right intention. Take the stone in your hands and tell it its function. In principle, all crystals are suitable for energetic cleaning, but rock crystal is the strongest cleaner.

Cleaning your home with crystals

After cleaning your house, you can place rock crystal, amethyst, and rose quartz in the room. These three stones together form the ‘golden triangle.’ The golden triangle owes its name to the complete energy that these three stones have together: love, insight, balance, and harmony. By placing this combination of gems in a triangle, they reinforce each other’s strengths. A flow of positive energy is created, and the stones help drive away from the dark energies.

Option 2: Cleaning your house with salt

Salt is known for its ability to absorb. Let the salt work for you and absorb all the negative energy in the room. The easiest way to do this is to place a bowl of Himalayan salt or natural sea salt in all room corners. Discard the salt after a maximum of 24 hours, because after a while, the salt will lose its purity. Flush it down the toilet.

Option 3: Cleaning your home with frankincense, sage, or palo santo

Energetic cleaning of your home: this is how you remove dark energies

With the help of the smoke of incense, sage or holy wood (palo santo), you can dissipate negative energy around people and living spaces. You can do this so-called smudging yourself with a ready-to-use stick made from sage leaves. But because not everyone likes the scent of sage, you might as well burn holy wood or incense. Fine incense for this ritual is, for example, incense purification wood. Walk around the house with the incense or sacred wood, as previously described. Do this safely with the incense or the holy wood in, for example, a fireproof dish.

Option 4: Cleaning your home with sound and vibration

Clap your hands hard in every corner of any room to expel negative energy. You can also do this with a singing bowl.

Energetic cleaning of your home: this is how you remove dark energies - Scientific Occultism

Let the positive energy flow through your home again.

These ways all ensure that negative energy that has not been able to find its way out will finally leave your home. If you repeat this ritual regularly, you also ensure that the energy continues to flow, does not stagnate, and does not become dark. This way, your house remains a nice place where you can recharge and relax.

I would like to wish you a wonderful place to live full of positive energy!

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