Wealth, Health & Wisdom – Can we Choose to Have It?

The one commodity we all have in equal share is Time, we all have 24 hours given to us every day and 365 days every year. This is our most precious resource and yet so many people are totally unaware of how they use it, – we can choose to use it wisely or to squander it with no thought as to how it is spent. Time spent wisely can bring us closer to our goal, give us great satisfaction and a feeling of wellbeing, so why is it that so few of us actually plan how to best use this resource. There is so much satisfaction in achieving a great no of things through a day rather than spending it watching mindless TV or sitting in a bar drinking, now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for these activities as well as we all need to relax and socialise but when they are done in a totally unconscious level they become a waste of time. So many people use “I don’t have the time” for an excuse for not achieving and yet they spend their time recklessly.

We also have the freedom to Choose – we can choose to have a good life or a bad one. Then people say “but I didn’t choose to have this happen to me!” More than likely – yes you did! One of the hardest things to accept in our lives is that our choices determine what happens in our life, yes there are certain things we have no control over like earthquakes etc. but we can still choose how we deal with them. Choose to change your attitude towards the things you can’t control and deal with them in a positive way and you will see how differently the outcome of the situation is. Change the way you look at situations, difficulties and problems – look for the opportunities in them – Yes Opportunities. Look for the good that can come from a difficult situation, learn the lesson and move on. Change the way you deal with a situation – it can either help you grow or pull you down, by merely choosing to learn the lesson in a bad situation and moving on, you will see how the outcome changes and you find the good it.

Change the way you think – if something upsets you, don’t try to deny it has happened, feel the hurt and pain but then set it aside and choose to move forward leaving it behind. In this way by allowing ourselves to acknowledge that we were hurt or disappointed, we don’t deny that bad things happen but we choose to learn from them and move forward and deal with them in a healthy uplifting way. It is amazing how different the outcome of the situation is and we don’t harbour unhealthy feelings of anger, pain and resentment.

Choose your company well, mockers and negative people don’t like seeing others make it and want to draw them down with them, as they don’t want to make the effort. By avoiding negative and draining people you have more energy, have you noticed that no matter how you try to encourage a negative person, they just won’t have any of it! We can choose who we spend time with, choose people who will lift your spirit and enhance your life, friendship is meant to bring the best out in people not the worst. A good relationship, be it in business, friendship or family – should enhance your life, allow each to be themselves and allow each person to grow and blossom.

Then, be true to yourself and make the choices which are going to bring you closer to your goal. If something is taking you away from it, decide whether it is helpful to do it or is it just wasting time. Always do what is right, just and fair, by giving to others you enhance your own life in so many ways and only in giving do we receive. When we do things from a place of poverty and need we cling and can’t share our resources, yet when we change our mindset and do things from a place of abundance we share with love and gratitude and amazingly we receive so much more that we ever gave. Think Abundance – there is sufficient for everyone in the world!

“For attaining Wisdom and discipline;For understanding words of insight;For acquiring a disciplined and prudent life;Doing what is right and just and fair;For giving prudence to the simple;Knowledge and discernment to the young;Let the wise listen and add their learning;And let the discerning get their guidance;For understanding proverbs and parables;The sayings and riddles of the wise.” NIV Prov. 1:3-8

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