How to Transform Your Life with ‘The Secret’ and the Law of Attraction?

Linda was a very hard working, sincere, emotional and a caring person, but she went through a very bad phase of life. She had a broken relationship, was constantly criticized by her boss despite her hard work and eventually was given the pink slip.

After a little brain storming with her, I realized that the problem was not outside her, it was within her. She has a little dark complexion and thus always had a complex that she is not pretty.  For the past 10 years she was into a romantic relationship with a boy, but she always had a fear in her mind that her boyfriend can dump her for a beautiful girl. She was also skeptical about the fact that their parent’s won’t approve their marriage. And finally her boyfriend dumped her for a beautiful girl recommended by his parents.  As the law of attraction says “Like attracts Like “, this was always what she wanted. Unknowingly she was attracting all the negative thoughts, and remembers whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting it to you.

She used to work late in the evenings and also on weekends but never appreciated her own work. She never valued her own work and had a feeling that anyone else can also do her job. The outcome was that her work was not recognized by her boss and she was thrown out of the organization.

The law of attraction doesn’t care whether you perceive something to be good or bad, or whether you don’t want it or whether you do want it. It’s responding to your thoughts. So if you’re looking at a mountain of debt, feeling terrible about it, that’s the signal you’re putting out into the Universe. “I feel really bad because of all this debt I’ve got.” You’re just affirming it to yourself. You feel it on every level of your being. That’s what you’re going to get more of.  Then she heard about a book “The Secret” from one of her friends. She read the book and did all the exercises suggested by the book.

Her life changed dramatically and all of her negative thoughts converted into the positive ones. Instead of being sad about her outer looks, she started feeling great about herself. Instead she discovered that she is one of the most wonderful persons inside, who is charming, intelligent and a caring person. Within a few weeks she found a lot of changes inside her. She started meeting people who appreciated her qualities, and her confident level increased suddenly. She started applying for new jobs and soon got a new job with double her previous salary and her work was been appreciated by her boss as well as her colleagues. She also won the employee of the month award and found her soul mate, who considers her the most beautiful women in this world. Today she has a wonderful married life and a great professional life.

The key thing behind this real story is “Thoughts become things”. Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want. Using these thoughts we can invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most but you also attract what you think about most. What most people don’t understand is that a thought has a frequency. We can measure a thought. And so if you’re thinking that thought over and over and over again, if you’re imagining in your mind having that brand new car, having the money that you need, building that company, finding your soul mate. If you’re imagining what that looks like, you’re emitting that frequency on a consistent basis. The law of attraction is always working, whether you believe it or understand it or not.

Your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now, no matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose your thoughts, and you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change!

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