Using The Power of Thoughts In Your Favour

Do you think I’ll be here to preach the visualization and the Law of Attraction, will teach you how to attract success, money, an ideal relationship? Unfortunately no. And maybe, I’ll blame the law of attraction, argue that visualization – tales for the gullible idiots and can not draw anything, no law exists? No, I’m going to do.

I want to spread information about the law of attraction and their attitude to it (it is his own, which do not impose) on the shelves and enjoy the result.

Go. When we say “law of attraction” or “visualization” in the head pops up immediately, “the movie The Secret.” Here I am with him and start dismantling.

1. The idea of ​​the film – is good. The popular form is preached in the whole is definitely a useful positive attitude towards life.

2. But! It is extremely annoying to the scientific substantiation of the claim “secret.” The law of attraction, he says, arises because of some already studied physical processes: our head, you see, emits a specific wavelength in the outside world, arriving trough the stars. Maybe these waves somehow exist, but science is not known. In general, all that with a straight face say “scientists” – is far from nonsense science.

3. The practical conclusion is also quite good – you need to think positively and believe in the best.

4. The main claim to the movie “The Secret” – it did visualization adepts, its fans and fanatics. Think, imagine – and everything will be ok. Alas, so it does not happen. To work, gentlemen, it is still necessary. But the film is not. Think, visualize attracts. Here, the film knocks the right way, making a person more vulnerable to all kinds of fraudulent schemes. No wonder this film are so fond of network marketing professionals of all stripes and representatives of assorted pyramids. Another would be: a man yesterday watched “The Secret”, visualize today, but tomorrow it comes to spam mailbox “send sms and win a million.” Aha! Here it is! Pulled! – Joyfully yells adept “The Secret”. And getting a couple of hundred rubles poorer.

Result for “secret: in general sucks, but a clever idea it contains – is necessary to achieve a positive attitude. About the importance of positive thinking, I wrote: Positive attitude – three points of view.

And now to the main point: Does the law of attraction work?
I think you can answer this way: certainly works, but not as we have shown in the same film “The Secret”. This means not only that some thoughts and visualizations for success and receiving the desired enough. This is a clear and true. (Although, apparently, not all Napoleon Hill -.’ve Heard that name This author super bestseller “Think and Grow Rich”, which just introduces the basics of the law of attraction so, during his lifetime the book did not have time to become super bestseller and he died almost in? Poverty. that’s it.

The fact that the law of attraction does not work due to the interaction of the mystical fields and waves, as we are trying to convince the gum a la “The Secret”. In fact, everything is simple: continuously imagining ( ‘pulling’) the object of which we want to have, we set up our subconscious and consciousness in the desired fashion.

We want the money? Render the profit? The subconscious catches this team – and you start to notice it, by what used to be passed: job offers and business partnerships, contests, books on proper investment. But consciousness (mind) helps to move in the right direction, separating the wheat from the chaff, constantly seeing the goal, without buying into false opportunities (such as “send sms” – see above.). You see? The law of attraction works because it works our subconscious mind and, rather than something else. It is important to understand this – otherwise we will configure itself to “free” success, that is, the consciousness in this case will not act, or will be, but not so intense.

Thus, the conclusion:

The law of attraction is necessary to correctly understand and be able to use it. No one disputes the role of visualization and attract success, but in fact they are attracting you yourself – your behavior and informed decisions.

Good luck!

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