Are You Using The Law of Attraction Correctly?

In this article, let’s talk about the Law of Attraction, what it represents and what effect has on our lives. And most importantly – what is the secret of attraction and how to run it, to attract to us what we desire.

The law of attraction goes something like this: “You attract into your life what you think best.”
And, as a consequence, the secret law of attraction, “think about what you want and ignore and do not think about what you do not want.”
Every thought no matter, it is positive or negative, has energy. The universe realizes that there is more energy, rather than what we want or do not want. Much more is flowing out more than follows.
You do not just noticed that carried out much of what you do not want, fear, not love. Why is this happening? The answer is that you do not want so much to make it happen, that constantly think how to avoid it. But the important thing is that the main object on which to focus all your attention – exactly what you do not want. You put energy into what you do not want to, and because it is attracted to you.
The rule is simple: are ignored and do not think about what you do not want.
With the fear of generally very simple. Fear is in itself a strong emotion (the strongest of negative emotions) and because the emotions associated with fear, very energetic. They are a very strong energy, which creates a greater attraction. And if we add the fact that you are constantly swirling in his mind now that fear the repetition significantly increases energy, and attracted even more undesirable.

It turns out a vicious circle: the object is the proper thought, thought activates emotions, emotions create reality, we see reality and unconsciously create a new object of the same character (negative emotions create a negative object positive – positive) or continue to work with the previous object. And as long as you do not deliberately change the object, you will move from the characteristic circle. If this is the circle positive (red in the picture), then there is no problem, keep doing it, all is well. You attracts positive things. When a negative circle (gray in the figure), you have to break it consciously.

Why it’s more and more difficult with the positive things?
First, the world is mainly negative, about the ratio 80/20.
Secondly, we are educated this way.

We tend to think and to take all the good things for granted, and as a result, do not invest energy into good things. Without energy, the law of attraction does not work. And about all the bad complaining, think how it happened, analyze, in a word nurture and invest the energy that triggers the law of attraction. And because more and things become worse. We join the ranks of negative people. Then the media carry mostly negative and cause unpleasant feelings. Average person is very difficult to ignore all this negativity. Try to keep your head clear, try to avoid negativity. Maybe your colleagues will not understand you: How is it to you anyway? There is a war! As it is, you do not watch the news? It’s very simple – there can not change anything, why watch them. You can pretty much change in my life, because after her.

I will give you some of the conclusions and skills on this topic:
1. Learn to be grateful for all the good that is happening to you. It is learned. More details about gratitude
2. If something  happened to you and it’s bad, quickly analyze why it happened
3. draw conclusions. Remember them and make their experience in
4. Forget about the situation
5. Ignore the negative information that is inadvertently delivered to you
6. If possible, remove negative information from the source
7. move to another subject, if possible
8. translate his thoughts into another area
Positive information you need to deliberately cultivate the mind.
On the negative, you will not be able to protect themselves, because in a certain way to learn how to react to it.

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