How To Use Affirmations In A Daily Life?

How to dislodge from his subconscious negative thoughts and software installation?

How to embed positive thoughts into the subconscious of the most simple and easy way?

How to make joyful and light events began to slowly and confidently enter into our lives?

This will help us affirmations – positive statements. They program the subconscious mind to the realization of all our desires.

Affirmation is intended to assert as a fact those events or conditions that you want to attract. You are free to come up with a positive statement on any topic. Your imagination anything and anybody is not limited. Observe it is only necessary that your wishes should not harm other people. Universal Law of Attraction works so that we attract into your life exactly the energy, real facts and situations to which direct most of our attention. The universe is always ready to help us in the realization of our desires.

Here are the basic rules for compiling affirmations:

–  Your affirmation must be positive;
In compiling can not use particle “NO”;
Compose a phrase as if you have reached the desired. For example: “I am healthy, wealthy and happy, and I get pleasure out of life!” Or “I attract money and success!”.

Compose affirmations for the five major areas of your life. Five components of our lives  are:

1. health.

Your task – to come up with a positive statement for each of the areas of your life. What would become clearer, we give some examples:

“In my body in the molecular chain of DNA program works to restore and rejuvenate the body”;
“The program is self-entered my information field at the cellular level.”

    Relationships with other people
“I live in peace and harmony with each other and with all the others”;
“I’m an influential and respected man. My authority is constantly growing. “

“I attract money and success!”;
“I deserve to be rich!”;
“My riches are multiplied with each passing day!”.

    Emotions (peace of mind)
“My life is brilliant and decent!”;
“I know what I want. My desires are fulfilled! “.

    Work (career, favorite thing)
“One of my presence gives valuable results”;
“I am glad that all options are open to me.”

Get that affirmations have started to work on a subconscious level.

Affirmations work well when repeated often. Their repetition displaces from the subconscious negative thoughts and emotions. The problem is human natural laziness. Today we have decided to repeat positive affirmations every day, and tomorrow, we could not find time for it. The day after tomorrow we all forgot about affirmations. What to do? We use well-known method of psychotherapists programming his subconscious.

    STEP 1
Write composed approval on album sheet. It is necessary to make two copies of the affirmations to the five major areas of your life. The statements must be written large text, which can easily be read at a distance of two meters.

The first album sheet with affirmations have in their own bedroom so that your eyes fall on them as soon as you wake up and open your eyes. When we woke up, our subconscious perceives the information of the world especially holistically. Perception does not even depend on whether you are aware of hanging in front of the sayings. Just slipped on his eyes, you are programming your mind and the success of their actions for the day ahead.

The second album sheet with positive attitudes to themselves, place in the dining room (or kitchen) opposite the dining table. During the daily meals do you think should fall on the sheet with affirmations. They have to be exactly at the level of your eyes, when you sit at the table and eat. The ancient Chinese observed a strong positive effect that has on the person during the meal. They gave food is very important and sought to ensure that during the meal sounded nice music and gaze fell on the characters, bringing luck and success.

Make positive changes in your life easy and simple.

Applying these simple steps you can implement in your conscious and subconscious positive install the most simple and easy way. Your program is to achieve success in life will come into your life literally on autopilot. The results did not take long to wait. Over time, you can improve your positive affirmations. In this case, just change the album pages with written affirmations with new ones. This simple technique can achieve the desired results easily, simply and reliably. And most importantly, in all spheres of our lives.

Use this information or the good and let the joyful and light events come into your life!

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