Law Of Attraction’s Powers

This is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. We live in a happy time. What used to be classified information available only to the initiated, it is now widely available. In recent years, this topic appears more and more books, both esoteric and psychological, and even filmed movies. It’s simple as ABC, but, nevertheless, a lot of people still do not give it due importance.

We used to think that everything around us is created without our involvement. What matter is primary. That being determines consciousness. This is not true! And it is time we understand that.

Everything in this world is energy. This statement had long been considered an occult delusion, and is a proven scientific fact. Want to know more about it – see materials on quantum physics.. The new model of science says, what is inside of us, defines what is outside. Our thoughts – is the energy, emotion – it is also energy. All this affects the energy of our body and determines the energy attracted by the circumstances.

The Law of Attraction is as follows: you attract to yourself what you most want or are experiencing. Your reality is entirely fits your thinking. You always get what you believe and what to expect, whether you like it or not.

It is time to take responsibility for their lives. Everything that happens in your life, you are attracting to themselves through images, thoughts and emotions. Every day you make your choice, conscious or not. According to your choice and develop your life. In this case no matter whether you think of the good or the bad. If you constantly think about what you want, what you fear, you attract it to yourself. The danger for overly anxious mothers – they often twist in mind the possible troubles that await their beloved child, that they themselves draw him into trouble.

Thought is material, it is a universal field of energy-substance that can transform into any type of matter. Each of our thought has a frequency. If you scroll continuously the same idea in his head, it creates a certain frequency, which attracts situations, objects and people of the same frequency. Bad attracts bad and good – you know.

Irritable people will always meet its annoying people. If you think that people are angry, you will meet bad people. If you think that everything is just willing to take someone else’s, you will be constantly exposed to robbery and theft. If you envy the rich and think you are deprived, you will remain so as long as the image does not change his mind. If you think the world unfriendly to you, do not be surprised if one day you will find new evidence of this.

Often painful past experience determines our attitude to the opposite sex. We fear that we will again be hurt. And they themselves attracted people, are building their relationship so that then relieved to say to myself: I was right again, they are all the same.

Installing “I’m bad, I have no love” will not allow you to experience happiness in a relationship. If you do not love yourself, you will be hard to fall in love with another man.

The same laws apply in relation to health. All diseases are caused by an imbalance in the body and thinking. The disease indicates that our outlook is not all right. Any disease to manifest itself on the physical level, first manifested in the energy. But this level is formed thoughts and emotions. We grow old by the fact that more and more negative accumulate throughout life. See. ‘Compliance diseases Table psychological disorders. ”

Energy – is something that never dies (see the law of conservation of energy.). So we got to our immortal part. All our thoughts, images and emotions are imprinted on our subtle bodies and are stored there. That is why the real life influences the experience of all previous incarnations. And here, too, everything is simple: all you have gained, you’re got. Such is attracted to like.

How to work enough habit to a certain type of thinking. If we for a long time thinking about something negative, something themselves pave network between certain nerve cells in the brain. A nerve cells that are not activated for a long time, not be bound and do not cause chemical response in the body. Each emotion corresponding chemical peptide which penetrates into the blood, and then every cell in the body. Every cell is alive, and each has a consciousness. It is the smallest unit of consciousness in our body. So think about what your body when you bombardiruete his hatred and malice.

Frequent misconception that if no one sees my negative feelings, I’m doing the right thing and stay all good. There are people who are too educated, to pour their negativity on the world around us. But if there is a negative, it does not disappear, it remained trapped inside a person, undermining his health. And even worse, if it is negative and angry person directs himself. Such people often develop cancer. Anger eats them from the inside, but none of the others will not see it.

You have to understand, negative emotions directed at himself – the same incorrect act as if you poured it on another person. This is a subconscious desire for death itself. Not for nothing in the gloom of Christianity is one of the deadly sins. Experiencing negative emotions, we are killing ourselves.

Remember, all that has been and is now in your life, you yourself have arranged.

We believe that our thoughts come into our heads by themselves, and we can not influence them. But this is not the case. Thoughts can and must learn to manage.

Negative emotions make you negative vibrations radiate outwards. If you caught yourself doing this, try to deal with it. Urgent switch their thoughts to the other side, remember the pleasant moments of your life, turn on your favorite music, think about who you love about your child, partner or pet. You can imagine yourself on the shore of the warm sea, in the woods, in the mountains – in any place where you would be nice.

Do not think about what you want, what you are afraid. Do not worry about over and over again his past failures and troubles. Do not scroll in his mind the real problem is simply this: all bad. You do not see the gleam? If you continue in the same spirit, you’ll never see. You tangled up in their own problems, like in the swamp.

Learn to appreciate all the things that you already have, all that is given to you. Stay universe thankful just for the fact that you were born here and not somewhere else, because you have health. If you ever grumble, expressing their dissatisfaction with the government, the country, then you run the risk of a further embodiment, die of hunger somewhere in the desert of Somalia.

Any information from the outside, we adapts to your experience. And our emotional response – it’s an automatic reaction to what had once been.

More often imagine myself happy, loved, rich, strong and healthy. This is not true? Can you imagine! Sign in with this image of a successful and contented a man in new clothes. And do not remove it.

Change your beliefs!

Cultivate a positive attitude towards other people and most importantly, more often noted in their loved ones of their positive qualities, ignoring the negative. If you constantly think about how rude you your husband, he will increasingly be rude to you. The more you scold your child, the worse he behaves.

Less watch the news and read newspapers, learn to filter the muddy flow of information, which is poured out for you by the media. In the media there is an artificial whipping up negative. Nor should we worry about other people’s tragedy as its own. Learn to separate what does not concern you, what is important to you.

If you’re really worried about accidents starving children in Africa who will be the better for it? Starving children? Hardly. You? Just for you from this, it becomes much worse, for you attract into your life the negative energy. In addition to drag somebody else’s karma, like a blanket. If you are really worried, do something real to help. If you do not want or can not do something, throw out the negative thoughts out of your head. It is better to think about the fact that all of them end well.

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