Is There are A Source of Money?

Is there somewhere a source of money and happiness?

People who are used to the money the word “earn”, destined to small incomes.
I always say that money is created!
Because the money – it’s an idea!

And if you go even deeper, money – is energy!

In ancient times believed in the alchemists, who were able to turn base metal into gold.
And they were very close to the truth.

Each of us is a kind of alchemist. You can turn their thoughts (ideas) into gold (money).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about investing. And I realized what kind of investment for me the strongest.

My energy x time -> money!

I looked around and saw many examples from his own life of how
My energy X 1 an hour => 100 thousand. Rub. and more.
I saw the idea of ​​x 1 input energy x time brought me 1 million kroun and more.

Ideas, like grain, if you take care of them, will be watered, will invest efforts in their growth, they will grow and give fruit. Moreover, when they grow up, you will not have to look for them. They will give a yield of more and more, and take away thy time, less and less.

Let’s take an example: At the end of 2009. I got the idea to help people find purpose. And I have created the training, I held it, then just improved it. And this idea has brought and continues to bring me and the people wonderful fruit.

I am writing this article to bring to the idea that your energy has enormous potential.

If you do not use this energy, that is, not to turn their ideas into reality, Your energy drops and you feel depressed. Your energy consumption falls, and Your energy is no longer valid.

That is why the incidence of depression and loss of strength. Your energy is an indicator that indicates whether or not you’re doing in life right or wrong.

I remember I had a period when I was involved in the decision of a purely technical and organizing issues in their field, as well as issues related to sales, marketing, management, etc. And I forgot all about creativity. For me, creativity – it’s something to write, create, improve training, to create new workshops, to record audio podcasts, video, create products, etc. So, at that time I was engaged in purely business matters. I, as usual, played sports, running, crying spells, making the concentration, but after 2-3 weeks, I felt that something was wrong. Energy down to the level of 7, instead of 9-10.

I began to look for the cause, to analyze, to think that someone from my surroundings draws energy from me, etc.

And then sat once at the sea, and the sea said to me, “What are your priorities now?” I said. And the sea will be asked: “Do you understand due to what you came to this level? What was the foundation of “I replied:” My Creation “And the sea set the last question:” Why is this the most important thing is not in the list of priorities right now? ”

And then I realized the reason for my depressive state. And I realized that the day without creativity – a lost day.

Creativity – the real source of money and happiness!

When I created my first website, I have all the free time sitting and writing articles and creating other materials. Now understand that the word “creativity” is different for everyone.
For a writer – writing.
For the artist – to paint.
For the seller – to sell.
For the businessman – to build business
For the entrepreneur – to invent
For mom – to raise a child

All my life I thought (I have been taught) that are engaged in creative work only to artists, poets, writers and creative people.

But in fact, creativity – a manifestation of your own uniqueness. And creativity can manifest itself in all.
I am writing this article, I have to be creative as a writer.
When I am training, I show creativity as a coach.
When I do business, I have to be creative in terms of organization.

Just one type of creativity is stronger, and the other – weaker.

START exert you creativity!
This is where the source of the money and happiness!

Your energy – is your most valuable resource!
If you do not know how to dispose of it, well, I’m sorry. Do not complain then please that you have little money, that you live badly, and others.

Give the world the best that you have, and the world will give you the best that is in him.
And do not be stingy, because the world is too stingy towards you.

And people want to have everything and do nothing.

Imagine that you have a friend that just takes and does not give anything in return.
You came to him, filled with a sense of joy and happiness, he took Your joy and happiness, and you went home sad.
You’re helping him, and he’ll never.
You listened to him constantly, and he you – ever.

Would you like to continue to see and spend time with a friend?

So the universe! She gave the man all!

Each person Sea abilities and talents. And he goes and whines: that bad and it’s too bad. That is wrong and it is not. It all must. But currently he does not think.

I call upon thee to become a true alchemist! Start to convert your energy into what you want!
I have a good friend who knows how to turn the money into even more of a money. I spoke with him and also learn this art, but I know that I kind of another alchemist. I create money in a different way.

But the wise women create money at a completely different way !!!!!

But in any case, the energy is converted into money!
And if you do not know how or do bad, forward to learn!

And I’m happy to help you in this.
Your energy – your most valuable asset!

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