The Spiritual Meaning Of The 4 Elements

The Spiritual Meaning Of The 4 Elements - The Spiritual Meaning Of The 4 Elements - Back To Roots

The spiritual meaning of the 4 elements in similar in almost every culture on earth. Everyone has heard of the four elements. But are there actually four or five elements? And what do they mean, and where do they come from? Different religions and theories use different elements. This article can read what the elements are and what the different theories say about them.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The 4 Elements - The Spiritual Meaning Of The 4 Elements - Back To Roots

What are the four elements?

The four elements are water, air, Earth, and fire. These elements are seen as the basis of our existence. Our world is built on this basis, and on this basis, we as human beings are built. We find the four elements in everything of our existence. They are used in the spiritual world during rituals, in the matter, but also in our character based on astrology, we find the elements. Without these elements, our world, our nature, and therefore we as humans cannot exist.

The four elements as a matter

We all know the four elements in the matter. After all, we cannot survive without these elements. We need fire to warm us up. The element fire can also be seen herein as the element light because this element is usually linked to the sun. We need air to breathe. We take our first breath when we are born, and it is not for nothing that it is said, “He breathed his last.” This is how we see air back in our life cycle. We, as humans, consist largely of water. We need the water to quench our thirst, and without water, we will dry out and die. The Earth is our food source and the reason we can propose ourselves (even an airplane cannot take off without first landing on the ground).

The Four Elements in Western Astrology

In Western astrology, the four elements are used as a category of characters with specific properties based on the horoscope. Each of us has a masculine and feminine side, just as each of us contains the four elements. When all elements are in balance, you are in balance.

Male and female

The four elements are sometimes classified according to the masculine and feminine elements. The masculine elements are called active or giving and are fire and air. The feminine elements are called passive or receiving and are water and Earth.


Earth types include the horoscopes Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. 

 These types are seen as friendly, reliable, inflexible, goal-oriented, and pragmatic. 

 These are the people who have a calming and soothing appearance and convey this to others. They keep a cool head and help others ground themselves before making big decisions.


The horoscopes Cancer, Scorpion, and Pisces are among the water types. 

 These types are seen as intuitive, empathetic, flexible, a lot of empathy, and a listening ear. 

 Water people are very sensitive and transmit this to others. They teach you empathy and compassion by sharing their openness and emotions. The characteristic of water types is that they can easily be brought to tears in both joy and sorrow.


The sky types include the horoscopes Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. 

 These types are seen as thinkers, logic seekers, analyzing, open-minded, calm, and calm. They can have problems with emotions. Air types are seen as a teacher or messenger. They like to take in a lot of knowledge and share this with others. They help you develop your awareness by offering you options and choices.


Fire types include the horoscopes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. 

 These types are seen as dominant, enthusiastic, take challenges and risks, have a large ego,, and have high decisiveness. The fire types ensure that action is taken and encourage others to do so.

The four elements in magic

Within magic, we also see the elements. Like Hinduism and Chinese astrology, five elements are also used here. The followers of Neopythagoreanism (ed: a renewed movement of Pythagoreanism, the followers of Pythagoras.) Introduced the pentagram with the five elements: the four elements of water, air, fire, and Earth and the fifth element spirit. From here, the pentagram was used as a symbol for magic, which is and is still used in various schools.

The four elements according to the religions of nature

The four elements can also be found in nature religions where they are subdivided into animal groups. Your birth totem is linked to your zodiac sign, according to the medicine wheel of shamanism. Detailed information about the power animals can be found here. You can find an extensive article about shamanism here.

Eagle / Eagle- The Great Spirit – Fire

The eagle includes the ram, lion, and archer. These zodiac signs are seen as creative and passionate. There is something you must address in order to resume your path to spiritual freedom. Like the eagle, look at the big picture, not just the details.

Turtle- Mother Earth – Earth

The turtle includes the bull, virgin, and ibex. These constellations are seen as thinkers. The turtle has its own body for protection. It teaches us to honor your inner strength. The turtle not only teaches you to ground and ground but also to float with the flow. Therefore, it may be that you have to put yourself on the spot or just to let yourself sail at a leisurely pace to where the Earth takes you. Rethink your own thoughts before introducing them to the world.

Frog – Purification – Water

The frog includes the lobster, scorpion, and fish. These constellations are seen as stable and strive for certainty. The frog is connected to the water energy. The water has a cleansing and purifying effect. If you chose the frog’s card, you might need purification. Only when you are purified can you replenish new energy. Try to use the power of the water in this. For example, take a relaxing shower and let your worries wash away from you.

Butterfly – Transformation or Transfiguration – Air

The butterfly includes the twins, Libra and Aquarius. These zodiac signs are seen as sensitive and people who can easily adapt to others. Take some time to look at yourself and look at your position in the self-transformation. The butterfly supports you during this development and provides a clear mind regarding your self-transformation position.

The Four Elements of Hinduism

The Hindus speak of Tattva. Within Hinduism, there are several tattvas. They see it as everlasting energy, that which is given, the truth. They describe five primal elements instead of four, which they see as Tattva. Besides air, water, fire, and Earth, they describe the Akash. The Akash is the ether or space.

The four elements according to Buddhism

In Buddhism, it is believed that the four elements are the basis of the physical world. Water stands for flexibility and cohesion. Earth represents hardness and inflexibility, but also rough versus smooth, heavy versus light, and hard versus soft. Air represents space or emptiness, and fire represents heat versus cold. According to this theory, all material objects consist of one or more of the elements. According to the Buddhists, when you realize that everything consists of the elements, you develop an objective view of the physical world. This will help you find more peace in your life.

The Four Elements in Ancient Times

In Greece before Christ, we also find the four elements. Empedocles first came up with the theory that all substances were made up of the four elements water, Earth, air, and fire. They also described a fifth element, the ether. The ether did not fall under the earthly elements. The ether made the cosmos, and the ether caused the displacements of the planets. The ether could not be reached by a mortal, only by the Gods. This is how the Greek god Aether came into being. Aether was the god of the atmosphere. The atmosphere was the air for the gods; the ‘ordinary’ air was for the ‘ordinary’ people. He was seen as the soul of the world.

The Four Elements in Chinese Astrology

As in Hinduism, Chinese astrology also uses five elements instead of four. You can find an extensive article about the Chinese zodiac here. The following elements are described in Chinese astrology:

  • Wood – the east. These are the zodiac signs tiger, rabbit, and dragon.
  • Fire – the south. These are the zodiac signs snake, horse, and goat.
  • Earth – the center.
  • Metal – the west. These are the zodiac signs monkey, rooster, and dog.
  • Water – the north. These are the zodiac signs pig, rat, and ox.

The four elements according to the psyche


The element of earth represents structure, strength, and stability. Earth also includes doing, because thanks to its structure, Earth takes care of the actions and the daily rhythm. If you get stuck making plans, look for the element of Earth. Earth ensures that you are grounded or grounded again and gives you the willpower to do so.


The element of fire represents strength and joy and is linked to the sun. Fire provides inspiration, passion, action, and strength. When you have a lot of fire, you feel cheerful and inspired. It creates passion and surrender. Do you feel down, uninspired, tired, or lethargic? Then look for the element of fire. Rediscover the strength, enthusiasm, and joy from your inner fire.


The element of air represents knowledge and communication. The element air ensures organization and overview. The element of air helps you organize chaotic thoughts or lives. It helps to make decisions and ultimately ensures that you can think clearly.


The element of water represents intuition, creativity, and feeling. The water element is associated with a female sign because a woman’s intuition is often more developed than that of a man. The element of water can support you when you experience confused feelings. The element of water gives you the strength to trust your intuition.

What can you do with the elements?

The elements teach you to understand yourself. They learn what your strengths are and where your pitfalls lie. They can help you find balance in your life, because what element are you missing? If you look at it from Buddhism and Shamanism, we learn that we only need the four elements to live a fulfilled life. So now, you can look for balance and fulfillment in your life based on the four elements.

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