Black Magic: A Complete Guide To What Does It Do

Magic is seen as a power to transform energies into something that affects yourself or others. Someone who practices magic can have various names.

Magic is seen as a power to transform energies into something that affects yourself or others. Someone who practices magic can have various names. The most commonly used names in the English language are magician, witch, or wizard. Unlike white magic, black magic does not take into account the effects on other people. This can have a negative effect on the world. We would like to tell you more about it in this article.

History Black Magic

Witches have been hunted for as long as we know. Titus Livius, a Roman historian, wrote of the execution of people who used beneficially in the years 200 BC. Venefica was seen as magic explicitly intended to harm or even kill others. Around 80 BC, the ‘Law of Sulla’ was adopted in Rome. 

A law related to murder, poisoning, and evil magic. The Roman Code of 450 BC also includes a law that deals with the practice of evil spells and incantations.

Witches are still hunted to date. Indonesia was working on a law that would allow prosecuting witches and wizards who practice black magic. This took place in 2013.

Difference between white and black magic

White magic

Someone who practices white magic is concerned with helping nature, people, and animals. They try to help others with this. They think of everything around them when practicing magic and respect everything that lives or is in the world. White magic is thus seen as the ‘good’ magic.

Black magic

Black magic: what is it and what does it do?

People who practice black magic use magic to help themselves. They do not take into account what this means for other people, nature, and animals. They themselves abuse these elements so that they themselves benefit from them.

Theories of White and Black Magic

There are several theories of white and black magic. Some theories about this include:

All magic is black magic.

Within this theory, magic is always seen as a sin. This theory is maintained within certain religions. Magic is often seen as Satanism.

Different purpose

According to this theory, there is no difference between white and black magic. However, the difference is found in what the purpose of the magic is. So the magic that someone practices are seen as magic. Only when the purpose of the magic becomes clear can it be determined whether it is white or black magic.


Within this theory, it is assumed that white and black magic is practiced differently.

White magic turned into black magic.

Black magic: what is it and what does it do?

This theory can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Within this theory, it is believed that magic has a negative effect (and is therefore seen as black magic) when rituals or ritual objects are reversed from the white magic or, for example, are pronounced differently (during rituals or prayers).

Neutral theory

This theory partly stems from Wicca: ‘As long as you do not harm anyone, do what you want.’ And the law of three: “Everything you do returns to you in triplicate.” In this theory, it is believed that everything that exists contains energy. The energy that something contains can be used during rituals to support you in your personal development and your personal goals. You may not harm anything or anyone with this.

What do you notice about black magic?

You can be a victim of black magic. So you have not practiced it yourself, but someone else has practiced it on you. People who are victims of black magic can experience a variety of symptoms. Below I will list some symptoms:

  • You can feel yourself going ‘crazy.’ An extreme restlessness in your head, voices in your head, delusions et cetera.
  • You may feel a presence in your home or environment.
  • You may experience palpitations or insomnia.
  • You may experience energetic blockages in your body.

What is Black Magic?

Within this explanation, I use various theories, which I have already mentioned above, to come to a more extensive explanation of what is seen as black magic.

Black magic is seen as the use of evil powers or ‘ordinary’ magic to achieve evil ends or ends that benefit you and harm others. It could also be that you don’t care if you harm others or if you are not even aware that you can harm others with it. 

This may involve hurting others, drawing someone to you, becoming rich or powerful etter.

The name “black magic” comes from the Greek ‘necromancy’. Necromancy means death wimpy. Later this was corrupted into Necromantia, which means black dowsing.

Voodoo and Satanism

Many people see voodoo and Satanism as a form of black magic. Below I will explain what voodoo (the so-called white side) and satanism entail.


Voodoo is a religion from Africa. Voodoo is seen as a way to get in touch with the ancestors and the Gods. 

It is a form of ancestral worship and shamanism. This religion is largely based on natural forces and therefore falls under the nature religions. Sacrificial rituals are used within this religion. With this, they give an offering to the gods and spirits, but they also use the offering as a talisman to hold the power of the God or spirit so that they can use this power. Animals are only offered as sacrifices during important ceremonies.


Satan or the Devil is honored within Satanism. In Judaism and Christianity, Satan is seen as the embodiment of evil and the counterpart of God. Two logos are often used in Satanism, the inverted cross and the inverted pentagram. Within Satanism, there is traditional Satanism and modern Satanism. 

Within modern Satanism, LaVey is seen as the founder of the religion and philosophy of Satanism. Some followers of traditional Satanism see LaVey as a fraud. Traditional Satanism is also referred to as devilism, devil worship, theistic Satanism, or Luciferianism.

 Today the Church of Satan is the largest international organization in terms of Satanism. Adherents of modern Satanism represent Satan as a symbol and as a force of nature. This is in contrast to traditional Satanism, which sees Satan as a God.

The philosophy of modern Satanism lies in its opposition to the so-called “moral hypocrisy” of today’s existing religions. LaVey calls it moral hypocrisy because, according to him, today’s religion goes against anything he considers natural in a human being. He indicates that within the current religions, natural instincts are seen as a sin. Modern Satanism focuses on the development of animal instincts, individualism, and hedonism. 

Hedonism is philosophical teaching that believes that pleasure is the supreme good. Within modern Satanism, its adherents see themselves as Deity. 

They believe that everyone is responsible for their own life and is responsible for rising above the rest. The seven sins of Christianity are seen as beneficial. These are necessary for happiness, unlike Christianity, which sees the seven sins as sinful. Magic is seen in Satanism as ‘changing reality to your will.’

How do you protect yourself from black magic and break black magic?

Create insight

The first step in black magic is to create insight. You can ask for help from your guides or angels. Try to understand the situation and try to investigate whether black magic has been performed on you and why. If this does not provide sufficient guidance, you can also turn to a psychic or medium.

Herbs and medicines

Herbs can help to cleanse your environment and yourself. They clean the aura, discharging negative energy, and protect your body and your aura against the influence of new energies. Some examples of active herbs are:

  • Nettle 
  • Nettle is used to dispelling darkness and fear and help to control emergencies. Sprinkling dried nettle around the house will dispel evil and negativity.
  • Marshmallows 
  • Marshmallows bring your spiritual guides closer to you.
  • Chamomile 
  • Sprinkle some chamomile infusion around the house. This removes witches, curses, and spells and protects against their influence.
  • Mullein 
  • Mullein protects against wizardry.
  • Laurel 
  • Carry laurel with you to protect you from black magic. You can also put a bay leaf in your home to protect against black magic.
  • Marjoram or oregano 
  • Is used as protection against bad and strange influences in the living room and bedroom. Use dried marjoram or oregano for this and place it here and there in the house.

Cleaning the house

Clean your home. This way, you can prevent negative entities from entering your home and protect yourself and your environment from negative influences. With a house cleaning, you can also remove negative atmospheres, influences, and entities that are already present in the house. There are various forms of home cleaning, and there are also professionals who perform home cleaning. An easy way is to clean your home with protective frankincense or dried sage. Protective incense includes sage, rosemary, lavender, or sandalwood incense.


Tiger’s eye, labradorite, and sapphire protect against negative external influences and also protect against black magic.

Ritual objects

An amulet can protect you against negative influences. A shaman can make this for you. An amulet is different from a talisman. A talisman attracts positive energy. An amulet repels negative energy. You can also make an amulet yourself, but first, find out how this should be done. Often certain symbols, colors, materials, etc. are used to give it extra strength.

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