How to Get What You Want Quicker – The Top 3 Secrets The Gurus Do Not Share With You

Everybody loves the Law of Attraction – after all, it can bring you all the abundance and prosperity you want to have in your life. Or is it that easy?

As it turns out, it is not that easy. Most people struggle to make the Law of Attraction work, and the reason for that is that they do not see their goal come to fruition. Time passes by and they gradually give up. So how can one make sure that their goals are met in a more timely manner? Here are the top 3 secrets on how to attract the object of your desire, which the Law of Attraction gurus somehow missed to share with you:

Secret No 1: The stronger you believe it, the faster it will materialize.

This sounds common sense, but it is also not common sense. One needs to always be reminded of the power of their subconscious mind and its ability to manifest anything in life. And belief is the amplifier of this ability. The stronger you believe it, the sooner you will get it. It is that simple, but developing belief is not that easy. So how can one develop unwavering belief?

Secret No 2: The best way to develop belief is to imagine yourself already living in your desired reality.

This step right here is the most important one. No matter if you can imagine it clearly right now, you have to start from some place, and the sooner you start putting yourself in your desired position, the sooner you will have it. Of course, in the beginning this will be only in your mind, and this might be laughable to some of your closest people. However, you have to decide how strong do you want this outcome? If you want it really strongly, then others laughing at you should not stop you from following these instructions, which guarantee your success.

Secret No 3: Refuse to accept any other outcome except for the realization of your desire.

Finally, you have to make it clear to others and above all to yourself that for you there is no other option but the realization of your dream. Of course, it would be most important to convince your subconscious mind, since it is exactly the subconscious mind, which directs your actions. The famous success teacher Napoleon Hill said that the subconscious mind will believe anything, which it is immersed in constantly. So immerse your subconscious mind in your desired reality, and your dream will become a reality sooner than you could have ever imagined!

The Law of Attraction has been getting really popular in recent years. Thanks to the hit movie “The Secret” it has even become somehow mainstream, which has lead to an increase in gurus, who claim to provide you with top level advice for it. Among all these gurus, whom should you trust? Who is best positioned to give you the most efficient advice and thus not waste your time?

Most people will have you believe that it would be best to start your guru search with one of the teachers from “The Secret.” This approach, however, would be a little uneducated. But why is that? After all, since a teacher was featured in “The Secret,” then he must be worth it studying, right? While this can be true, one should first look to see whether there was someone who was not featured in the movie, but was indeed asked to. In other words, that person turned down the offer to appear in the movie. Such a refusal to participate in the movie could be interpreted as the lack of desire to have one’s teachings diluted and the lack of need of popular exposure for their sophisticated teachings.

To cut a long story short, there is such a teacher, and his name is Dr. Robert Anthony. He was the first one to be asked by Rhonda Byrne to partake in “The Secret,” but refused for reasons he refuses to disclose, but very possibly because of the reasons mentioned above. So what is so special about him and his teachings?

Dr. Robert Anthony has been publishing books on the Law of Attraction well before it entered the mainstream – from at least the early 1980s. These over 30 years of experience in the Law of Attraction have given him the chance to refine his teachings, and once he released his latest program, “The Science of Deliberate Creation,” I knew that this was a must have program. Of course, I was not wrong, as the program presents the simplest, yet most profound explanation of the science behind the Law of Attraction, which comes close to the profundity on original Law of Attraction teachers such as Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanel.

However, Dr. Robert Anthony has one big advantage over any of the original teachers, and that is his being our contemporary, which allows him to write in a language, which would be most understandable to everyone. This, in turn, makes “The Science of Deliberate Creation,” a good option, which should definitely be considered by anyone looking to improve their understanding and application of the Law of Attraction.

Guest Post by Nic Masters.

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