3 Proven Ways To Use The Power Of Your Personal Desires

All of us have desires. But most of us fail to realize them. We stop our dreams dead in their tracks by not believing in them. We believe that dreams are for children and refuse to accept that anything better than the now is ever possible. Is there a way out of this limited way of thinking?

Indeed, there is, and the way is to learn how to use our greatest gift. This is the gift that came with our body when we were born. We got it for free. This is our magnificent mind. Some call it the subconscious mind and say that it is like your personal genie – it listens to your commands. Here are the 3 proven ways to make your genie follow your commands:

No1: Get in the driver’s seat – assume control of your mind.

The first step to getting your mind to work for you is to assume responsibility in your life. Most people live as victims of circumstance – they have given up the leadership position in their lives and allowed whatever happens on a daily basis to dictate their life success. These people can not use their minds. The only way the mind will obey you is if you gave up any circumstantial excuses and assumed complete responsibility for your life.

No2: Free your mind of all negativity.

The assumption here is that you want to use your mind to achieve positive goals. You do not want the negative in your life. Therefore, you should focus on your want and eliminate any thoughts of what you do not want. This will be the first step of getting control of your mind. In the same way that before you can plant your crops you have to clean out the weeds in your garden, you will need to get rid of any negativity before you would be able to achieve anything positive with your mind.

No3: Transmit your desire to your personal genie on a continuous basis.

The best way to get the object of one’s desire in the shortest time possible is to have it imprinted on the mind as often as possible for as long as possible. Your personal genie listens to you, but it needs constant stimulation. It does not fulfill your desire right away. Rather, it waits to see if you are really serious about this desire before moving to realize it.

And the only way to show that you are serious is to be persistent in expressing your desire through visualizations while at the same time making sure to weed out any conflicting messages from your mind. If you manage to do that, you will find out that your Personal Genie is starting to listen to you, and behold – you will have the object of your desire!

Guest Post by Nic Masters.

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