Top 3 Ignored Reasons Why People Never Achieve Prosperity No Matter What

When people start on the path of life in their early adult years, most of them are rather upbeat about their chances for success in life. However, after several years you find out that most of those same people are not so enthusiastic anymore. They have failed and the reasons for that are multifaceted.

There are three reasons, which most people usually do not think about, but which are in fact the main culprits for the failures of most people. And no, these are not lack of education, poor background and no connections with influential people. Here are the real top 3:

Reason 1: People do not believe in themselves.

While we said that people start their lives enthusiastic, this does not mean that they believe in themselves. If they believed in themselves, then why would they give up at the first big obstacle? Rather, people are riding a wave, and once this wave crashes, they decide that they are a failure. Therefore, it is really important that one develops a deep belief in their own abilities and potential to make sure that any failures are taken as learning experiences rather than as the end of the world as we know it.

Reason 2: People do not set goals for themselves.

Years ago Earl Nightingale, the so called Dean of Personal Development, said in his famous record “The Strangest Secret” that the biggest difference between the failures and successes in life is in goals. People who succeed in life set high goals for themselves, believe that they can attain them, and calmly proceed to the realization of these goals. Those, who fail, on the other hand, have no goals and thus have no direction in life. True, they might get lucky here and there, but their overall direction is bound to be the same as a bus without a driver – it is bound to crash sooner or later.

Reason 3: People refuse to give until they get something first.

This one might sound a little controversial, but it has the biggest potential to change your life. People are always afraid of whether they will get what they give in return. Therefore they never give until they get something first, which obviously limits their opportunities in life. The Law of Reciprocity postulates that you only get in proportion to what you give, and that you first need to give. Furthermore, your return does not have to come back from where you gave to – it will most probably come from a completely different direction.

So, there are the three usually ignored reasons for failure. Are some of these reasons applicable to your life? If yes, then you know what you need to do to get yourself back on the track to attracting abundance. Enjoy attracting abundance and prosperity!

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