What is the cause of all your problems?

Maybe you think that’s a good question and let it marinate in your head for a while … First something else:

First I’ll take you back in time, 110 years back in time. In physics, there was nothing to discover at the beginning of 1900. As they called it, it was almost a closed science. There were still a few questions unanswered, but most were answered. Newton had done his best and thanks to Newton we can calculate a lot of things.

We had a model for gravity, the speed of matter and we could calculate that.

So ready..?

But the light was slightly different. That goes very quickly, and the formulas did not work with light. It behaved differently from the formulas. Einstein later came up with the familiar theory of relativity, and after that, it became only apart …

Uncertainty principle

For example, Heisenberg discovered that the smallest particles reacted completely differently. When you wanted to measure the speed, it suddenly became no longer a particle, but as he described a wave or energy However, if you wanted to measure the location of that particle, then it was a particle, but you could not find out what the speed was. Your observation ensured that it became either energy or a particle. Think carefully about what that means.

You also consist of those particles …

What is interesting about that phenomenon is that the observer exerts a great influence on the outcome. And that’s interesting …
But what then is the cause of your problem?


Exactly you read it correctly. Nothing. There is no cause for your problem. Read that sentence only once and let it penetrate you for a moment. John Bell discovered in the last century that there is nowhere in the Universe to find a cause from which everything would arise. They are all consequences that follow each other, and that is interesting.

So the question becomes ‘When was a new effect created for you?’

That seems the same, but there is an essential difference. In case of a cause, there is also a cause. In the case of a consequence, there was only a consequence, and thus the question of guilt disappears.

An example to clarify it. I drive in the car on the highway. Suddenly there is a traffic jam, and I have to brake. The person behind me is not paying attention and pops behind me. His fault… But in this story, if you look further, you could also say, it is the fault of Steve Jobs. That is the person who invented the smartphone, and he was tweeting on his smartphone. And if Steve had not been there, he could have stopped in time …

Do you understand where you are going with this concept?

Thinking In Causes Is Dangerous

Why is this so important you might wonder. One plus 1 is just 2 and if someone hits me with his car and I suffer from my neck then it is his fault.


You are right, and almost everyone thinks so. And your brain is completely adjusted to that idea. He likes to think in cause-and-effect reasoning.

Do not get me wrong, it seems fine, but think a little bit further. What are the consequences of thinking like that? What are the consequences of thinking in causes?

When someone or something is the cause, then it is the fault of the other person or something. You can not do anything about that, you have no part in it, and it is beyond your control.

But is that so? Is that true?

Think back to the Heisenberg experiment. In it he stated that the observer is important in the experiment. That determines the outcome …

And what do you perceive when you think in causes?

You perceive that you have nothing to do with it and can not do anything about it or change it …
it’s not your fault; you have no share in this …

And that is exactly what happens. You have become the victim with all the consequences.

When you look at the example of that traffic jam and you stop talking about it, such as neck complaints, you have to solve it yourself. If you always give away a part of your power to the ’cause’, you are short of yourself.
Cause Thinkers Are Victim Thinkers

People who think in causes are often victims. Because when you think so, there are only two types of people.

  • You have the causer
  • You’re the victim

Think about that for a moment, then I’ll come back to that because this can have far-reaching consequences if you let go of this thinking.

You then arrive at a different level, which I will discuss later.

But first I want you to go back to those 2 possibilities. You do not want to be a victim, I assume, but cause.

You want to be on the cause side. For example, some programs pay attention to this.

You have to take charge of your life, so you have to become a cause. But yes that implies that you are going to make victims. And do you want that?

What you are going to make victims in your life? Most people do not and therefore find it difficult to become a cause. It often gives friction and collisions with family, friends or the partner. You have to choose for yourself. Take matters into your own hands. It sounds great, but how is it that many people can not? This is due to an invisible force. This power is very strong, and you have already been exposed to it from your birth …

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