…Hence that fascination for everything that takes place between heaven and earth, given that we are not even sure that something is happening.

The unknown?

Regularly you see a medium on TV (= is a person who can pass on messages from a deceased person) who transmits vague or less vague messages to those who stay behind. Each medium has its own method, matching with the medium in question. Unfortunately, due to the high level of interest, a lot of chaff has also appeared between the choirs. As you often see with activities that can be exploited commercially. What forms are there how do you find out if you are working with a medium that really has the gift? A selection of the most popular forms.


The medium receives information through an object or a photo. The energy is attached to the photo and through the hands of the medium (feeling) feelings, emotions and thoughts can come through.


The medium will transfer healing energy through the hands. Negative energy will leave the person through the body of the medium and positive/healing energy will remove the pain or lift a blockage.


“Clear” stands for clear, transparent, pure. If you are clairvoyant, hearing, and / or feeling, then you use your instrument to receive stimuli, energy through observations.


A storyline can be unlocked via the Rider-Waite Tarot cards. We talk about the past, present and possibly the future. The events are discussed and can help you with your own development, clearing blockages and finding/achieving your life’s purpose.


Numerology is concerned with the meaning of the numbers in our lives. Various systems differ from each other. Within numerology, we know, among other things, the year number, birth number, and karma number. Besides, numerology can be used for everyday things in life, such as determining a favorable day to go on holiday, comparing two people in a partnership, etc. etc.


A less tangible part is the aura (= light field around us). The aura can be seen, felt, heard, know and smell. The aura creates a bridge between the world without time of the collective energy and our world with time.


The hands are the mirror of the soul. The shape of the hands, the lines, the skin pattern, the color and the temperature of the hands show you who you are and what your options are. The art of palm reading is also used to provide insight into your mental and physical health.


The fascination probably lies in the fact that we have a huge appetite for knowledge about what is after death. Is there more and if so what. We also look for answers to questions that we were unable to ask the deceased.
On TV are the programs about paranormal packed with questions from people who want to ask the deceased something, whether they are doing well, what the reason for a certain thing in their life has been etc.

The unknown will always remain fascinating and if we let the TV be the medium where these people come for, then people who are not out to go out with a commercial salad alone would be happy.

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