Top 3 Wealth Attraction Tips From “The Secret” And How To Make Them Work

The Law of Attraction, as presented in the hit movie “The Secret,” promises to present you with the capacity to attract any amount of wealth you want to have in your life. However, as many of you might have found out through personal experience, applying the Law of Attraction is not as easy as it seems. It is one thing to know the principles, but it is a completely different matter to apply them correctly.

To help you overcome the Law of Attraction beginner’s initial frustration with applying the law, here are the top 3 tips, which will help you apply the lessons of the gurus even better:

Tip No 1: Erase any negativity from your life – here is how to do it:

It is a common theme in the teachings of the Law of Attraction gurus that you have to erase all negativity from your thinking in order to be able to attract wealth in your life. However, as many of you must know, this is easier said than done. So how do you erase negativity? The best possible way to do that is to develop gratitude. Learn to love everything in your life the way it is. Take it as a stepping stone to the next level, step firmly with both feet on it, appreciate its support, and then jump to the next level you are headed to. But never, ever turn your eyes back on the ground – always focus on the direction you are headed into.

Tip No 2: Keep focused on the object of your desire – here is how to do it:

Again, this is easier said than done. Most often people think of what they have lost, how they are stuck in the now, and at the best think of what they can realistically get. It is beyond most people to be able to think of what they want, when it is something well beyond their current reality. So how is this ability developed? Strange as it may sound, anyone looking to manifest wealth, which is much more than anything they have ever had, into their lives needs to start living in the new reality. Start behaving like the person, who has the thing you want to have. Just do it, crazy as it may seem, and you will find it easier as time goes.

Tip No 3: Keep the image of your desired wealth in your mind at all times – here is how to do it:

Finally, you have to keep the image of your desired objective in your mind at all time. Particularly, you have to make sure that this image is not clouded by any limiting beliefs that might pop up. Hold this image at all times and put yourself in the picture as the observer of your future. However, you have to make it into your present – live as if this were your present reality. This is the way to create your future in the now!

In the end, everything which is now material, first started in the imagination. Imagine wealth, hold the image, protect it, develop it, and it will grow from imagined into material wealth!

Guest Post by Nic Masters.

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