Attracting Abundance – Top 3 Things You Have To Do Before You Begin

It was when the hit movie “The Secret” came out, and the Law of Attraction became popular that the general public was for the first time presented with the idea that you can attract all the Abundance you want into your life. However, this is easier said than done, and thus most people fail in their endeavors to make the Law of Attraction work for them. What are they missing?

Following you will find the top 3 things, which everyone must do in order to start the process of attracting abundance in their lives. While doing these three things does not guarantee success with the Law of Attraction by any means, if you do not do these three, then you will definitely not be able to find success. Here they are:

Tip No 1: Stop dwelling on the past and look to the future.

Most people know very well what they do not want. As for what they want, they usually want the thing they do not want out of their lives. This approach, however, is wrong and will not lead to attracting abundance. Focusing on what you do not want, even if you wish for its elimination, will bring you more on that old undesired thing. Therefore, by dwelling on the past, you can only attract more of the past, and you are almost sure to never see the object of your desire in the future. Therefore, it is important to forget about the past and focus on your future desire. But how is one supposed to do this?

Tip No 2: The best way to eliminate any past hurt is through gratitude.

Most people remain stuck in the past because they do not know how to move forward to where they want to be. The best way to parry any past hurt or dissatisfaction is through expressing gratitude. But what is there to be grateful when you have been wronged, you are poor, unhappy, etc? There is always something to be grateful for. Start with the small things – being alive, nature, your friends, your past successes, your future prospects. Anything positive will do. And if you look for the positive, you will find it, but you have to look for it actively!

Tip No 3: Obsess yourself with the vision of your desired good.

Finally, in order to get that abundance and to get it sooner rather than later, one needs to get obsessed with the object of their desire. This obsession is a positive one, and it means that all thought processes are directed towards the attainment of that objective. Also, it is important to imagine the possession of that good as clearly as possible and with as much belief as possible. The clearer and stronger the image is, the faster it will be achieved.

Follow these three tips, and you will be half-way in the direction of your desired objective. You might need some more detailed instruction, but you will have overcome the biggest hurdle. Good luck with attracting abundance!

Guest Post by Nic Masters.

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