The Dark Side of Lysa Hora (The Bald Mountain)

The Dark Side of Lysa Hora (The Bald Mountain) - Lysa Hora - Back To Roots

The Lysa Hora hill is known for its connection to the occult in Slavic tradition. 

With its lush trees, vivid spring blossoms, and stunning views of Kyiv, the Lysa Hora (which translates to English as “Bald Mountain”) is a lovely spot for a picnic that also has ties to witchcraft, satanic worship, and political executions.

Lysa Hora is one of the mysterious ‘bald mountains’ of Ukraine.

According to legend, the witches will assemble at these hills for their Sabbath ceremonies and be joined by crows, eagles, and paranormal creatures. References to the pagan uses and magical meaning of the bald mountains can be found in numerous texts and literature, including the Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol and the Strugatsky Brothers’ stories.

The Dark Side of Lysa Hora (The Bald Mountain) - Lysa Hora - Back To Roots

In 1872, the Russian army constructed a small fortress on the hill. Still, due to its position and relative isolation, it soon became a storehouse. Between 1906 and 1917, the site was used to execute political prisoners under the Tsarist regime—about 200 in all. The most notable execution was Dmitry Bogrov, an anarchist and informant who murdered Russian Minister Pyotr Stolypin in 1911.

At times, the park was also home to Roma refugee camps, which gained international attention in 2018 when far-right extremists threatened the campers and burned their tents.

The mountain is now a nature reserve and part of the Fortress Museum area. It tends to attract paganism and satanic worship practitioners. Carved wooden statues of pagan gods have been erected and can be found in the park.

Knowing Before You Go

From the metro station of Vydubichi, go southwest (in the direction of Konoha-Zaspa) a few hundred meters. The bald mountain is very visible because of the treeless edge and the high cross on it. Go up the lane, man. Look around, the left bank of Kyiv is clearly visible. Then go deep into the grove, where you can find the pagan symbols and the entrance to the underground settlement.

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