Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners

Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards spread for beginners is not an easy topic to cover, since there are so many types of Tarot cards spreads.
You can find out more about yourself through various types of legacies with the Tarot cards. By reading the different Tarot cards, looking at the position of the card and using your intuition you get information about what is (subconsciously) playing and what could help you now. There are many different ways to lay cards such as “The Sword” and “The Celtic Cross”.

Tarot cards spread; watch out for blind spots:

Tarot cards spreads can help you deal with a certain situation/choice in your life. Through the cards, it is possible to find out more about yourself. How you act in certain situations, what patterns there are in your life and how you react to them and what you can learn from them. Blind spots can become visible by regularly laying them out. Often this does not work immediately. The characteristic of a blind spot is that you do not see it yourself. That means that you can be blind to certain characteristics or themes in your life.

Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners

More insight can be gained by regularly laid out and always being confronted with the same (the type of) card. A certain legacy can help you with themes/issues that you are struggling with. If someone else does the Tarot cards spread for you, it is important that you are both aware that everyone has their own (and perhaps you have common) blind spots.

Do yourself the Tarot cards spread for someone else, do it respectfully, do not tell someone what to do, but help interpret the cards and be on your guard for your own blind spots. See the Tarot as a game, a game that you can learn a lot from.

When do I use which tarot cards spreads?

Just as it is not necessary to work with a certain set of Tarot cards, so different types of layouts are not linked to certain types of questions/problems/ choices. The choice for a certain spread is very personal. Some always lay their swords, others switch between different types of Tarot cards spreads and others draw a card every day.

Types of tarot cards spreads:

There are different types of tarot cards spreads. “The sword” and “the Celtic cross” are good spreads for beginners and advanced Tarot cards users.

The Sword Tarot Cards Spread

A frequently used legacy of Tarot cards is ‘the sword’:

Card 1: theme
Card 2: 1st step
Card 3: resource (basic resource, can also help with other choices/problems/ solutions)
Card 4: resource (specific to this theme)
Card 5: a problem is solved
Card 6: a wish is fulfilled
Card 7: new insight

Addition of all cards gives the underlying card with an extra message

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Another often used Tarot cards spread is the “Celtic Cross:”

The Celtic cross is a very old layout and one of the most popular ways to spread tarot cards. The Celtic Cross can be used for all kinds of questions. If you’re not sure which Tarot cards spread layout to use, you can use the best and the most classic – go for the Celtic Cross.

The preparation: it is always important to take the time and prepare yourself for the foundation you’re going to do. Make sure you can not be disturbed, preferably switch your phone off and close your email notifications off. Take your time and go mainly off on your own feelings.

Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards
Card 1: the self at this time (how does the self show itself to you)
Card 2: what is above it (can have a stimulating or inhibiting effect, is crossed on the first card). Usually what causes a "problem", prevents you from moving forward.
Card 3: what to focus on right now
Map 4: recent past
Card 5: your strong sides
Card 6: near future
Card 7: what cards advise you and suggest 
Card 8: what you need to know (and do not know)
Card 9: my fears and my hopes
Card 10: the possible result, potential future or outcome

There are many different ways you can ask the tarot for advice. You can concentrate on a question and draw a card to give you advice.

You can also work a little more extensively. Below are two examples of simple tarot card spreads with the Tarot cards that you can do at home with your own cards.

Past, Present, Future

Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners - Tarot Cards

This old Roman method provides an answer to a specific question. Draw three random cards from the deck of cards. The first card shows the past, the second tells you more about the present, and the third gives you insight into the future.

This method is very suitable to ask for advice on a specific problem or other situation that you are in the middle of. If the answer is not clear, repeat these steps twice. The results of these three draws must then together provide the answer.

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