Law of Attraction Tips – Money Attraction 101

The most common desire that I see from people that want to learn more about how to use the Law of Attraction,  is that they want to attract more money into their lives.  This is pretty much the number one goal that people have when they come to find out about the Law of Attraction.  And I really cannot blame them,  because money can end up being a serious limitation when you find yourself wanting to do amazing things and you just do not have the cash flow to make it happen.

For a lot of people,  this is what normal life is all about.  They watch their parents struggle to make the monthly payments on the house and the car.  And when they venture out on their own,  they get greeted with their own stack of bills and usually,  have just barely enough money to cover them.

Well,  it does not have to be that way,  that is for sure.  There are people that are able to attract more than enough money into their lives so that they can comfortably pay the bills each and every month and still have more than enough to go out and do the things that they have always wanted to be able to do.

Here are some basic principles,  some money attraction 101,  that you have to know to manifest more money with the Law of Attraction:

1.  Money likes to come to people that are not “tight” with it.

The tighter you are with your money,  the more likely it is that you are going to attract more reasons to be tight with the cash.  Ever notice how when you are tight on your money,  unexpected bills and expenses always seem to find a way to show up in the mailbox?  Well,  you attract what you think about most of the time,  and when you are thinking about having to be tight with money,  then you are more than likely also thinking about the bills.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am not implying that you should totally ignore them at all.  But,  still,  most of your attention should be on attracting MORE money into your life.

2.  Manifesting money requires a paradigm shift in the way that you associate feelings and money.

If thinking about the bills all of the time makes you feel down and depressed,  then you are also giving  a subconscious signal that money is the reason for this.  A part of you will probably start to look at money as being the “root of all evil,”  so to speak,  and you will start to attract bad financial conditions.  You need to look at money for what it really is.  A means to getting the things that you really want.  The vacation that you dream about,  the house that you want to own,  and the car that you would like to drive.

3.  Show gratitude when even small amounts of money seem to show up in your life.

The snowball effect of this can be pretty amazing at times.  If you are truly grateful when you somehow find an extra few dollars show up in your life,  the world seems to find a way to make more of it show up.  Of course,  this is not magic,  you are going to have to have reasons for the money showing up.  But,  when you are grateful for even small amounts,  it tells the world that you are READY for more.  It might take a while for it to show up,  but when it does,  it will be well worth it,  wouldn’t you say?

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