5 Leadership Skills You Have to Learn!

If you going to be successful in elevating your status and salery, you must master the art of leading.

It comes easier for some, but it is a learn-able quality none the less. A leader must be able command respect and loyalty, and both of these things are earned. A good leader is someone you want to follow, and this is the type of leader you should strive to become.

A good leader is able change people without giving offense or arousing resentment.

1. If you must find fault with someone.

If you have to confront that person with his fault in order for him to make a change, it is very important that you begin with praise. Begin by stating your honest appreciation of that person and all he does, and point out a few things specifically. Than you may suggest his fault to him in a respectful way and he will be willing to make the change. There’s a chance he may thank you for pointing it out to him.

2. When a person makes a mistake.

If you have to address a mistake, you must first talk about your own mistakes. Let the person know that you have probably made the same mistake. Assure him that his mistake will be easy to fix if handled correctly.

3. Don’t give orders.

No one likes to take orders. I’m sure you’ve had an experience where someone TOLD you what to do. Did you want to go do it right away? Probably not. So rather than give a direct order offer a suggestion to what you want done and explain how getting it done will benefit everyone involved.

4. You have to be able to keep people motivated.

Every good leader is able to keep those he is responsible for motivated. In order for a person to be motivated he must be able to see the benefit he will receive in his work. People also tend to be more motivated if they enjoy their work environment. As a leader praise even the slightest achievement or improvement in their work. Don’t be stingy with your praise and affirmation.

5. Give the person a name to live up to.

If you want someone to improve in a certain area, compliment him in that specific area. When you praise a person don’t just praise his achievements but also praise him in his shortcomings. This gives the person a standard to live up to and therefore he will strive to attain what he has been complimented on.

Implement these things and you will be recognized as a great leader!

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