Why Do I combine Psychology with Metaphysics?

Over and over again I have been asked, why do I put all my eggs in one buket? Why don’t I run a seperate blog for psychology / motivation / success and another blog for spiritual / feng shui / metaphysics / occult? Is it because I want to save extra $9 on a domain name? Is it because I am too lazy? Or I just don’t give a damn?

None of the the above.

If you know me from my social media accounts, you probably already know that I run several other businesses, blogs and YouTube channels in totally different niche. And no I am not trying to grab as many viewers as possible, it’s just that I have a lot of expertise in my online WordPress / blogging business and marketing niche, and I feel like sharing that knowledge (as always – free), but I obviously wouldn’t mix occult with web development. In fact, I have 4 blogs related to web development and they all thrive.

This is the only blog that I run for “pleasure”, with no source of income. I am not saying, that I would not consider it in the future, but at the moment, this is my passion, my heart and soul and I feel like sharing everything I know with the world, with no strings attached.

Psychology & Metaphysics

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You may have noticed by now, that this blog does not accept sponsorships of any kind. No posts about how good it is to gamble online. No posts about super quick loans. And, no posts about the wonders of today’s pharmacy. The offers are there, but I keep rejecting them because I don’t want this blog to turn into an advertisement marshland, where my readers would not be able to tell real content from promoted one.

So, back to the original question, I have been asked like 10 times before. Why didn’t I make a separate blog for psychology issues? Because I strongly believe that occult is related to psychology. Take for instance greek or roman mythology. Remember the Greek Gods and the Jungian Archetypes? Aren’t they kind of connected..?

Let’s add Carl Jung into the picture

When we talk about mythology, we talk about fables, folklore, tales from the past, yet the archetypes system suggested by Dr. Carl Jung works and everyone who ever studied psychology will agree. If you visit a psychiatrist, they will tell you to visualize your “other-self”. Or a part of your “self”. Or a “self” that lives a parallel universe on a different planet, so that you can better reflect on the good and bad sides of your character and find better ways to work with your personality and improve in the areas of your life that currently suck.

In the occult and metaphysics community, we advise working with a Tulpa, a spirit guide, a guardian angel or a kindred spirit. How does this combine Psychology & Metaphysics into one? Same rules apply, we just call it a different name, but the result you would achieve in your physical domain is still the same. Is there actually a way, a bulletprooff way to know, if it’s “really” a spirit guide or a particle of your “Self”? I guess if you were one hundred percent honest, you will actually say that you CANNOT know.

If you will be 100% honest with yourself, you would probably tell yourself the same thing that I tell myself – there is a power beyond us, there is something “more” we cannot touch or see, but can so confidently feel. Now let’s get back to the concept of Psychology & Metaphysics. There is more to life, then we learned at school. There is a power that can put everything into divine synchronicity if we fall in tune with it, or it can go horribly wrong, if you are out of sync and fall out of harmony with the Divine forces. But that is a metaphysical way of looking at it, an atheist psychologist will tell you to be “positive”, to write a diary and note down all the good things (aka good ol’ “gratitude” everyone from Wallas D. Wattles to Rhonda Byrne is talking about).

How can we know, when we keep a diary of all our blessings, if we are merely tuning our brain to focus on the “good” or expressing inner gratitude to tune our frequency with those of the divine forces? Which of the two actually at work here, if the result is always the same – our life improves, we feel better, good things start coming our way and we even sometimes experience a “stroke of luck”.

Does it really matter, how we reached that state? I don’t think so.

Same story with finding our purpose in life. We can meditate on out talents and try and come up with new way to express ourselves or we can sit with a psychologist in the office, who will tell us to perfrm the exact steps, in order to identify our goals.

If you ask me, psychology without occult knowledge is incomplete, and the same goes the other way around. Occult knowledge, without a comprehensive study of the human psyche, is insufficient.

Another good, and perhaps the best example, is our dreams. How are we going to interpret them? Are these signs from our spirit guides and our lives in parallel universes, or are these images painted by our hyper-active brains, influenced by what we have seen in our environment or in the movies.

I am ready to bet, that you have had the experience of watching a scary or an impactful movie and dreamt about it later on that night. Legit, right? It’s just our over-loaded brain trying to deal with psychological trauma (as we all well know, our brain cannot differentiate between images in real life, images on television or totally and vividly envisioned picture). So we can confidently conclude that our dreams are a mere product of our reality, experienced and processed by the brain.

But… I am also ready to bet, that at least once in your life, you have had the experience of dreaming something and it then “came true”. Like foreseeing someone’s death or on the contrary – seeing something good coming your way. Could we really read the signs of some’s illness and foresee their death, or was it really something a little bit beyond our busy brain cells?

If we rule out the possibility of parallel universes, then how we explain quantum jumps or the fact that time is linear only in our perception of reality (but it’s, in fact, isn’t linear, as Albert Einstein proved).

The bottom line

My bottom line is, when we talk about Psychology and Metaphysics, if we want to enlighten ourselves and see beyond the psychical domain, which is only 1 dimension from the multi-faceted reality, we have to grasp and accept many ideas at once and work towards understanding all the aspects of our reality – physical, scientific and esoteric.

There is no “right or wrong” when we talk about Psychology and Metaphysics, but there are many different views and options on the same matters. This is why I keep the topics of this blog open – I blog about everything I find to be “true” and “valid” from a scientific and occult point of view. Hope you will stick around to explore this world with me.. 🙂

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