What You Need To Know About The Synchronicity Phenomenon

Synchronicity phenomenon is an extraordinary phenomenon. Many people have experience with it. Something happens that you think “this is special or very special” or “this cannot be a coincidence”. These are events that have a special meaning and that can often give you the feeling that you are on the right track.

Synchronicity – (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. During his career, Jung furnished several different definitions of it.

It looks like a sign, a direction indicator. The trick is to recognize these signs and not to shoot through them and to see a “sign” everywhere. However much everything is connected to everything, you must follow your feelings. If you rationally approach the synchronicity phenomenon , then you can really go further. Synchronicity is not something of reason, it belongs to the world of the unexpected and the subconscious.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung has for the first time really fundamentally deepened the concept of synchronicity, researched it and put it on the map. He saw the synchronicity phenomenon as a phenomenon that is closely linked to the collective unconscious. He also wrote a book about it with the title “Synchronicity – a principle of causal connectedness”.

When you are emotionally balanced, you simply attract good and pleasant things, because you have space in your mind and heart.

What does the synchronicity phenomenon give you in practice?

1) You get a kind of compass at your disposal, which helps you make the right decision (s).

2) Coincidence holds up a mirror to you. You are presented with certain experiences that you can learn from.

Apparently, the things that happen to you in a meaningful way in the outside world reflect what is happening in your inner world.

Some examples of this are the following;

  • You walk into a store without knowing what you want. The item that you need falls off a shelf and remains at your feet.
  • You have to pay a high bill, but you have no money. All of a sudden you get a windfall of the amount required.
  • You think of a friend you haven’t seen in years. The next time the phone rings.
  • You are much too late, but just as you get to the crowded parking lot, someone drives away.
  • You suddenly get a bad feeling and decide not to go to a certain place according to the plan. Later it appears that a serious accident happened at that particular place.

Open yourself up to the synchronicity phenomenon

Accept them

No matter how ridiculous it may seem at first, make connections! “That is just a coincidence,” you may continue to say skeptically at the beginning of the chance events. So accept these moments as miracles, as gifts. Have faith that this way you will be guided to your life’s purpose. Before you know it, more synchronous events will come into your life.

Open your heart

It is easy to ridicule, downplay or even deny synchronicity: chance does not exist. Certainly, if you try to explain it purely from your head. You won’t succeed. Synchronicity shows you and especially feels that everything is connected to everything. To experience it, in addition to a healthy dose of thinking, you also have to open your heart and allow your feelings. Whether it’s about guilt, relief, shame, anger, sadness or happiness.

Follow what makes you happy

Especially if you do the things that give you a lot of pleasure, you will see that the coincidences will increasingly appear on your path. It is a kind of sign from the universe to show you that you are on the right track. Supports in your back. If you do the things that make you happy and dare to follow your dreams, then this is immediately rewarded by the universe.

    “Jump and the safety net appears”

Trust your intuition

Dares to listen to your intuition, that soft voice inside. It shows you exactly the right way. Do you feel the urge to enter a certain store? Do you want to read a certain book? Or are you just thinking about that one friend and would you like to talk to him again? “Just do it.” It may feel like you are making illogical choices. Unexplainable directions that you take. It doesn’t matter at all … It is these things that make your life a great adventure. The mystery of the universe is not in your head but in your heart.

    “If we look for synchronicity, if we find that everything in life is interconnected, then something happens. It is then as if a filter has been dropped. We discover that synchronicity is all around us. “

The starting point for recognizing the synchronicity phenomenon

Valuable Relationships

Every relationship that you have is an expression of who you are as a person and will take you further in your development in that sense. We are all a mirror to the other and we must learn to see ourselves in the mirror that others hold out to us. This means that you are sometimes confronted with your negative sides and other times it is confirmed how beautiful you are as a person. In this step, it is about accepting both the positive and the negative qualities of yourself in everything.


Reading with Tarot cards.


Find the silence and listen to what wants to be heard. Emotional balance is an important condition for seeing the synchronicity phenomenon and necessary to have valuable insights. When you are emotionally balanced, you simply attract good and pleasant things.

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