What Is Occultism? - Scientific Occultism

When it comes to occultism, there is a lot of mystery, and mainly misunderstanding. People tend to mix all sorts of terms with the occult starting from Black magic, voodoo, ancient Egyptian traditions, tarot cards, fortune telling, fairies, vampires, satanic rituals, animal sacrifice, and the list goes on.

As an avid practitioner of the Master Key System and the modern, scientific occultism, it honestly frustrates me to see people in complete ignorance of the natural laws, which are governing our universe, and therefore, spending their entire life in a dark dungeon of emotional slavery, living from paycheck to paycheck, and seeking entertainment in the shallow outside world.

Modern Day Occultism

I believe you have already heard of the law of attraction, which can be summarized in one sentence, yet the creators of the movie The Secret managed to spread it across a nearly 200 pages book. If you ever heard about it and wondered why it never worked for you, this and other blog posts on nowg.net will answer your question. If you tried to practice the law of attraction and it never brought you the desired results – it’s simply because the law of attraction is only one of the seven Hermetic Principles, which I will be passionately exploring on this blog.

While being an optimist is endlessly better than being a pessimist, it’s not even remotely enough to bring you closer to your goal. Especially, if you dream big.

When we speak of occultism, the hermetic principles, and the master key system – we deal with natural laws, which are unchangeable.

Yes, “Occultism” has a Latin origin.

Occultism derived from the Latin “occoltus” – “hidden” (from the eye). Oculus – eye.

And that is really what it’s all about – a science, or practice, that is hidden from the eye. The basic principle is that most of the factors, that affect our daily life, are invisible (yet undeniable). The natural laws constantly work and operate our lives whether we wanted or not. The fact that you may be ignorant of gravitation, electricity, radio waves or electromagnetic fields, doesn’t make them less powerful, let alone stop them from operating. The same goes for hermetic principles. They always worked and always will work, as long as we are on this planet and in this physical domain, and you can only make your life better by being aware of them and living your life in tune with them.

I believe an example of electricity will be the most obvious one. You can’t imagine your life without it, yet you don’t see it, you only know certain rules, and how you can make use of it without being killed. You know you cannot touch open electrical current with an iron spoon, because electricity travels through irons. But you do know, that you can touch it with a tool that has a plastic handle, which isolates the current.

This doesn’t mean that electricity is an occult practice.

What is an occult practice, then?

Everything, that has been hidden from the public for generations, and the wide population has no idea how to make use of it.

One of the Hermetic principles, for example, is the law of rhythm. It is based on the fact that everything moves in cycles. The most obvious demonstration is the transition of seasons, whether we like it or not – seasons change, and come back in a certain time frame, that we can now measure and predict ahead, thanks to the Gregorian calendar. If you live in the northern part of the planet you can clearly rely on having snow in January, every January, and have a warmer time 6 months afterward. This is something very obvious that no one can deny, yet there are more factors affecting our life on this planet.

There is the moon that also moves in cycles, and even if you’re not exceptionally psychic, you must have felt the effect of the moon on your own skin at least once in your life. People experience insomnia during the full moon, and statistically – there are more murders during the full moon period because people deal with higher levels of anger and emotions. Then, there is the whole wide topic of astrology, which means the position of other celestial bodies in our solar system somehow affects our life, for better or worse. And then, on top of that, there is the personal rhythm of your body, which women in reproductive age are somehow more aware of, yet the male population is completely ignorant of it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Occultism” is a Scarry Word

What I’m trying to say, is that it’s silly to be afraid of the Occult, assuming it’s a combination of black magic with God knows what. It simply refers to invisible laws that are governing our universe, both outward and inward. It refers to practices, that were guarded against the general public for centuries. Whether you, or anyone else for that matter, will apply the knowledge morally or misuse it – is up to you. It’s like being afraid of a knife. Yes, it can kill, but millions of people use it to prepare food for their families. Knife itself isn’t good nor bad, how you use it is the only deciding factor. Same with the occult. It’s just a piece of knowledge, and it’s up to you, how to apply it.

I also feel that it’s important to note, that I’m not an advocate of any so-called diabolic practices, or of misuse of the natural law for the sole benefit of an individual, at the expense of others. The natural law calls for “more life for all”, and this should be your fundamental and most important guidance in every action you take in life: it should benefit everyone involved. For example, closing a business transaction that benefits both parties, and not just you.

The purpose of this blog is to educate as many people as possible in three main areas:

1. The psychology behind personal growth, which calls for concrete and measurable actions that you can take in order to make your life better.

2. The study of The Master Key system – an iconic book written by Charles Haanel, which perfectly (and scientifically) outlines the importance of thinking and how you can apply your thoughts and imagination in a constructive manner. How you can make use of your solar plexus and develop real power.

3. Lastly, the 7 Hermetic Principles, which – in a perfect tandem – orchestrate our lives.

What Is Occultism? - Scientific Occultism

I also want to mention, that I have over 20 years of experience in this field and this is not my personal opinion, everything I write about has been scientifically proven over and over. All the successful people you see today – are applying these principles whether knowingly or unknowingly, and yes, alas, some people in top political in business positions do misuse the natural law for their exclusive benefit. And this is the problem with natural law – it’s not merciful or understanding. It simply is. The law will operate for everyone who is making use of it, regardless of what use it will be. If we get back to the example of electricity, it simply is, and it will kill an innocent child if that unfortunate child happened to be unaware of the electricity laws.

Lastly, I wanted to mention in this unforgivably long “about occultism” page, is that this blog is not commercial. I’m not selling any personal appointments, consultation or e-courses. This is a personal blog where I explore a topic that I feel most passionate about, which made me successful in my business and I feel it would be a sin not to share as much of my knowledge as possible. Kings and ancient pharaohs used to take secrets and gold with them do their grave, and this is perhaps the reason why our society today ended up where it is – exhausted, financially enslaved, powerless and uninspired.

Hopefully, the knowledge you will derive from this blog will help you to turn your life around, find inner peace, improve your finances, find power in inspiration in you, that has always been there but has never been tapped into…

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