The Secret of The Secret

The Secret was a great publication using many different practitioners to emphasize the overall idea of the ‘Law of Attraction’. The idea of book is push the concept of manifesting your desire or bending the universe to your will. The gives you the idea, then gives you some science and finally brief set of tools for the job. It’s no surprise that because of the brief alluding to these tools that many excited and optimistic people walk away from the secret unhappy. They give it go but ultimately nothing changes and they end up giving up, believing it to be another crackpot, useless theory.

So how can we change that idea in people and truly get them to believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’ and all the life gifts that come with it? You can start by perhaps doing a little more research into the concept or the people who contributed to the book, but I think the very best way in this modern world is to ground the ideas in the book into hard, yet understandable scientific fact. To do this you need a scientist who understands the principles of the secret.

The kind of scientist I’m referring to comes from Einstein’s field, quantum physics. Even Einstein himself was a purveyor of the ‘Law of Attraction’. To quote Einstein himself, ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’. Think about this if reality is an illusion then we all have the power to bend it to our own will. Surely if one of the greatest minds in modern history said it, it must be true. The theory of quantum physics is one Einstein’s gift’s to the world, without getting into the complex nuances of the quantum theory it basically breaks everything down to a sub-atomic level, where the possibilities become endless.

Dr. Eric. Amidi is one such physicist, he was also disappointed by the lack of real explanation in The Secret. His disappointment came from his own knowledge on this subject through his science, he says that by combining the open ideas in the book with irrefutable science then you can truly master the ‘Law of Attraction’.

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