The Secret – Movie That Transforms Your Life?

The Secret is a new movie I saw last night with some friends. I know he is not playing in theaters right now, but you can get the Secret DVD for under $ 30. I saw the DVD at a friend’s house. I think this movie has the potential to spread quickly through word of mouth, and I hope it will become the nearest underground hit, at least among people with a passion for personal development.  The secret is in a format similar to the style documentary What the Bleep Do We Know? but without the corny story and cartoon. “And I liked you, but I think the secret was much better. The secret is on the model of intention for the event and how to use the Law of Attraction to create whatever you want. As the film rightly points out, most people focus their thoughts either on what you do not want or reinforce what already receiving. But the way to succeed with the intention of the event is to keep your thoughts focused on what you want, even if it appears to have no presence in his life yet. Intention of the demonstration is the basis for the Million Dollar Experiment, held for almost 7 months and expressed collectively more than $ 1.2 million – not a bad result for simply focusing our thoughts on what we want to attract. Several participants experienced wins the lottery. My personal total is over $ 100,000.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the secret. I can not say I learned anything new from him because I’ve been so immersed in this mind, but if you’d like to learn more about the law of attraction and how to manifest what you want, I recommend this movie. It is easy worth the cost of the DVD. I love that the secret will help bring these ideas to a wider audience, thereby encouraging more people to consciously choose the thoughts we have each day. Imagine a world where everyone focuses on the manifestation of what they want … instead of complaining that they have attracted so do not want (because they keep thinking about it).

The secret has a lot to match the book Ask and administered by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I just read last week. In fact, one of the most amazing books I’ve read, and is deservedly among the best 100 books on Amazon at this time. Ask and it gives a channeled book, similar to that of Barbara Marciniak Bringers of the Dawn in some respects, but requests and is given much more down to earth and practical. To write, Esther referred to a group of nonphysical beings collectively referred to as Abraham. I saw Esther / Abraham speak in person earlier this month that I can do it! seminar, and completely dazzled me. I think Abraham is spot on, and I’ve been doing a lot of applying these ideas in more detail in my own life. I’ve already reported some positive preliminary results.

Involved in the movie, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Fred Alan Wolf (also in What the Bleep), John Demartini, and Denis Waitley. Jack Canfield stories were my favorites because it looks very genuine, and its findings with the law of attraction are truly remarkable.

As I watched the secret with my friends, we are pausing along the way to discuss how they had been applying these principles in our own lives, often without even being aware of it. We noted that all had come to a very happy and successful in life, while he feels compassion for others we knew were not wanting to use the law of attraction to manifest exactly what is not wanted, including depression The financial shortages, or relationship problems.  Perhaps the most crucial point of the movie is that emotions serve as your internal compass to let you know how well it is applying the law of attraction. This is directly from Ask and It Is Given. If you feel happy, joyful, passionate, positive or otherwise, we are thinking with success in what you want. If you feel fear, depression, anger, negative or otherwise, you’re thinking about all I do not want, so you’re using the law of attraction destructive. Therefore, at any given time, simply check your emotional state to determine whether or not it is in or out of alignment. I know I’ve been very much in alignment, because lately I’ve felt absolutely wonderful and, consequently, I’ve been on a roll fantasy where I am attracting more and more of what I want in my life. It’s almost too easy.

Whenever I find myself sliding down the emotional scale, I know it means I’m starting to think about what I would not, so stop doing what I’m doing and refocus my attention on what I want. Deep breathing, meditation, visualization, listening to new age music, reading of my goals, or spending time with my wife – all these are useful in bringing up my emotional state again. And in this state is easier to attract good that I want, in part by direct action pleasant, but also through synchronicity effort.  Watch The Secret – to help you understand how important it is to keep your thoughts focused on what you want to attract. Get the Secret DVD and watch it with a group of friends more positive. (If you have good friends, then watch the movie just to learn to show some friends.) After seeing the movie, note how the always attract people who know the circumstances that align with your dominant thoughts, including you . Take charge of your thoughts, and you take charge of their circumstances.

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