The Law of Attraction and Inspired Action

My gut instinct has always played a big part in my life and before learning about the law of attraction I thought it was just because I like to do whatever my body and mind felt like doing. But now I believe it’s something different altogether that is shouting out to turn left instead of right. It’s an intuition that’s calling out to you to take some ‘inspired action’ – as Joe Vitale puts it.

If you are going after something that you want then there has to be steps to take to get to that goal. Point A is realizing what you want, point B, C, and D are doing the things to get you to Point E – which is of course reaching the goal. Going from point A to E with no steps in between rarely happens.

There has to be some sort of action taken during that period to get to where you want.

Action may be in the form of a plan. For example, you want to go to the store and buy a banana so your first step is to get in the car. Your next step is to drive to the store. Your next step is to go into the store and find the banana. And your goal is completed when you make the purchase. Things like that are pretty straightforward and don’t need any extra guidance in order to reach your goal.

But what if your goal was to make you business successful? You may have some steps that you know you need to take in order to reach that goal but you don’t have the faintest idea how to get to and get through those steps. This is where inspired action comes in.

Maybe you have an urge to attend a lecture that has nothing to do with business at all. If you follow that urge or that gut feeling and attend the lecture then you may just find someone or something to help you achieve a step towards creating your successful business.

Another example is having a strong urge to buy one specific book over all of the other books that talk about business and succeeding, and it just so happens that while reading that book you have an amazing idea about how to get your business off the ground.

If you think back to things that you’ve achieved in your life I’m sure you can think of a few occurrences where you got inspiration to do something – even if it was turn left instead of right – and found and idea or someone waiting for you that you were actually needing at that moment.

So if you think about it, the voice in your head can be quite helpful. All you have to do is quiet down your other thoughts and start listening to that intuition and taking action to see it through.

It’s fun to see what the urge to turn left instead of right is going to bring you and the chances are good that it will bring you something you are looking for.

Three Easy Steps for Using Inspired Action

Inspired Action occurs when someone acts efficiently and easily, to create a greater result than they normally would have been able to. Have you ever found that you’re in “the zone” in a certain project where you get more done in less time, with less effort than you ever have—and it’s enjoyable?

Then you’ve experienced Inspired Action. This is the way we’re designed to work. And the good news is that we don’t have to wait until we’re inspired to do it.

When I first began working with these ideas, I listened to master teachers who gave me powerful advice. What I learned helped me to harness the power of inspired action easily, every day.

Here are three steps that you can use today to start using Inspired Action:

Inspired Action Step #1: Do One Thing at a Time–This seems awfully mundane, doesn’t it? But used in this new way, it is a powerful thing to practice. This is more of a mind management system than it is a scheduling task. When you’re doing something, do it wholly. This leaves your mind open for being creative. If you’re constantly juggling things in your head, trying to remember to do this or that, you don’t have room for coming up with great ideas. You’re using your brain power in a messy way. This is like using a Porsche to deliver the mail. It’s a waste of a powerful performance machine. Our brains are capable of making incredible associations if we’re not filling them with too much minutia. Therefore, perform one task at a time and you’ll find that you naturally use your brain to spur you on to easy, efficient action.

Inspired Action Step #2: Get Some Rest – This, too, sounds mundane. But I’ve found that when I’m on a roll, creatively and productively, it is short lived unless I take care of the basics. If I’m tired, I can get up at my usual time of 5:00 am, but I’m worthless. And then, I do things that are really not smart—I begin thinking negative thoughts or I talk myself out of following my plans and I make new, ineffective plans.

When I’m well-rested, my brain is able to work well and I find that I have the energy to come up with great ideas and carry them through. The best part of being well-rested is that I have the energy to immediately act upon my inspired ideas. I don’t have to put things off.

Inspired Action Step #3: Take Power Naps – Again, here we are at the basics. I noticed that when I began to act with a well-thought-out schedule, I wouldn’t be able to just go, go, go all day. I was taking such efficient actions that I was accomplishing many tings in a short period of time. When I did this, I got tired right after lunch. So I trained myself to take 15 minute power naps. Soon, I could take a nap immediately when I felt tired, I began to need only that 15 minutes to recover and feel good. Then, I was refreshed and ready to take on the day again.

There are many more tips to being able to reliably use inspired action. But these, combined with making a good schedule and having your goals be clear to you, will go a long way toward using Inspired Action on a daily basis.

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