It is universally recognized by any philosophically minded individual, that our present-day scientific technocracy and subsequent way of life present some obvious disparities.

We have, in this technocracy, and through systems of communication, placed all races and nations of mankind in one great community, almost instantly accessible and a common property of all; yet instead of finding a companionable brotherhood, life in this earth community has now become a time of great stress and friction between various existing national factions, often resulting in bloodshed as seen in various revolutionary movements and a general holocaust is being prevented only by the thought of an all-inclusive destruction.

Another apparent disparity is contained in the field of materia medica and associated psychology, and here again, while there apparently seems to be some knowledge of human anatomy and psychic dispositions, yet these various practitioners are daily confronted with an ever-increasing rising tide of insoluble conditions and enigmas. In the field of education, there are also enigmas and disparities which are constantly being increased and strengthened by the ever-growing additions of new knowledge.

In order to enter into a constructive evaluation of these seemingly great paradoxes, disparities, and enigmas, it is necessary to reduce all human factors of relationship into a common derivative which classifies all mankind in his various earth life dispensations as psychic; or more specifically, that he is – scientifically speaking – an electronic instrument, wherein the physical body assumes a robot-like position, expressing various physical reactions as part of the normal process of a vast number of vibrating waveforms which stem from a psychic anatomy and which, in this oscillating process, resynthesizes in the waveform vortexes of the psychic anatomy, a counterpart of cell regrowth in the physical anatomy.

The concept of the psychic anatomy, its development through reincarnation or evolution, its growth and reformation in future lives, is a wide departure from the physical sciences as currently expressed in materia medica, and psychology. At this point the author wishes to make his position clear; he has no quarrel with science as science exists in an infinite conception. His issue is with the pedantic demigods of science who have, in their rhetorical dispositions, prevented the solution of the seemingly insoluble; they have curtailed on every front, every constructive endeavor to probe into the vast unknown nearby dimensions.

Heading the long list of these materially-minded demigods is Sigmund Freud, and perhaps no other person has contributed so much to the downfall of humanity. For in the presentation of false and sterile psychology, he has attracted, in its contents, a horde of expressionists who are mentally insufficient to express themselves beyond the ironbound reaches of this pedantic demagoguery. The concept of life as postulated by Freud has as its cornerstone – sex, and all human relationships must be interpreted as sexually motivated. This is extremely contradictory in the basic element of presentation, as presented by Freud, sex is an instinct.

The concept that all newborn infants have a sterile mind smacks strongly of empiricism, postulated by Locke, the 16th century English philosopher; and here again, it is defeated by the admission of one instinct. If the newborn infant has one instinct then, this automatically determines a continuation of instinct into its originating place.

Present-day psychology believes in the prenatal infant life, or that in the gestation period the fetus forms its first basic likes and dislikes or fears. This is also a contradiction to the Freudian instinct and also suggests and mandates a further continuation of the origin of reactionary reason, as expressed by the fetus; for if such a newly forming infant can react and form conclusions or basic fears within the womb, then, it must be concluded that there is some reasoning power.
It has also been determined by the encephalography that all reasoning processes are actual waveform transmissions that are not part of the function or expression of the genes or chromosomes which started the growth of the infant. Therefore, the reason was not inherited nor inducted by the infant.

Also, it is well known that the infant is completely enclosed in a strong bag-like placenta, completely isolated, so far as nerve intercourse from the mother is concerned. Here too, the reason could not be induced from the mother and must be concluded that reason had its existence or origin in an adjacent dimension wherein this spiritual or psychic anatomy actually lived before the moment of conception.

Following this introspection that we have now arrived at the point where we can visualize the psychic anatomy or counterpart of a human living in an adjacent dimension, this too must be further concluded and investigated. The psychic anatomy cannot be considered spontaneous regeneration. It can be definitely proven that various precocities, proclivities, talents, gifts, etc., are not some mysterious handing out process by some god who favors a few; but are actual carry-overs, from former developmental phases which have been incurred in diverse life to life experiences and which can properly explain the true origin of precocities and (so-called) gifts.

It can also explain what an instinct really is; that there is a carry-over from life to life of a certain way of life or a portion of life as is lived by every human. The newborn infant is therefore not relegated to merely one basic animal-like instinct which is necessary for procreation; nor can psychology be explained by any similar additions such as the regularity, or herd instinct, which was added by Carl Jung.

Neither can the newborn infant be presupposed to have a completely sterile mind. At the moment of his birth, he has already formed definite likes and dislikes. The knowledge of prenatal life was well-known to the Chinese 6000 years ago and every Chinaman is automatically one year old at his birth. Even more important, the Chinaman also knows about reincarnation and how people continue to live life afterlife as a normal sequence of evolution.

Strange indeed then it is, that our modern highly developed sciences have excluded these basic age-old scientific concepts and have relegated mankind into the misty world of spontaneous regeneration, which has neither fact nor reason for its existence; and is constantly being defeated in itself, not only by the pragmatically inclusive admission of even one instinct, but by the fruits which it was born in its administration.

For as science is a dominant influence in the world of today, and in particular materia medica and psychology, thus science could turn the rising tide of confusion and despair; it could quiet the waters of international turmoil; it could solve all the enigmas; it could cure all incurable conditions; in short, it could point the evolution of mankind in the direction of the constructive, ever-progressive, Utopia, where man could advance as an earth individual who was so minded in the evolutionary factors of his life, that he was given the full import of his moral responsibility; that he knew all his thoughts and actions were creative effigies, either constructive or destructive, which would remain with him forever.

He would also be ever mindful that what he received from life would be a proportionate facsimile of the effort which he put into it, and all his sins and iniquities would be either directly or vicariously inherited by him from his past life-to-life dispensations as he impounded them in his psychic anatomy.

The future is infinite and presents a great challenge to any individual who can so visualize the Infinite; a challenge met in every action of everyday life, always matched in future life-to-life meetings of this great challenge. Nor can it be like St. George conquered the dragon. Life as the infinite challenge is never conquered – it is never concluded; each life presenting new vistas, new horizons which constantly tax the utmost mental and physical capabilities of any human so mindful of them.

So let us not become another Freud, a Jung, an Einstein, or a Newton; let us never lay down for our fellow man a circumscribed dimension; for the circumference of this circumscription will only include the limited dimension of the present horizon; and it will appeal only to eyes which can see a justification of their life within its circumference. Instead, let us be infinitely minded; we must always present within ourselves an unlimited horizon, never circumscribed. We must show to our fellow man the benefits of the unlimited introspection, by relaying into our lives the positive elements as they are so contained in the Infinite Perspectus, by manifesting them as the necessary physical impedimenta, the appurtenances, and sustenances which are necessary for us to maintain progressive continuity into the future.

It is granted, that all past and present scientists, whose names grace the documents of history, have made definite contributions to man’s general fund of knowledge in understanding the Infinite; yet because these concepts were not presented infinitely and as a small part of the whole, they had, as a consequence, an adverse or destructive effect. The contribution of Einstein in reducing mass and energy to a mathematical formula should have been the starting place of an interdimensional science; instead it became the atom bomb and eventually the present-day threat of nuclear warfare, so great in its danger, it is a deterrent to war; but nevertheless, existing as it does in the fear-ridden minds of the earth’s population, it has sent thousands of humans into their back yards digging bomb shelters in some mad race for survival.

The mathematics of Newton became a focal point in various trials used by the courts of inquisition to send some poor unfortunate to his death at the stake or on the gallows; yet Newton’s mathematics survived, becoming the basic understanding of physical law and motion and which is still preventing, to some extent, the escape of mankind into the free dimension of infinite introspection which has, as its expression element, neither a mathematical formula, nor an ecclesiastical dispensation.

Understanding the Infinite is an individual proposition acquired only in reliving the infinity of evolutionary expression. It is not reducible to a mathematical formula, neither can it be symbolized in deistic configurations; it is a more ultimate attainment compounded from infinite experiences, extractions of values, positive and negative, destructive or constructive, which blends the universal conception of Infinity in the landscape of the beholder, and as he so beholds, so he is.
Divergence of opinions, cloistered concepts, segregated races, a profusion of pageantries, exuberances, and depressions, are only the mania of a material world, for in the quiet of Infinite Perspectus any individual has, instantaneously, achieved the four seasons of reason. He is within and without, all dimensions, he is in conscious conformity with Infinity as a regenerative element in a subliminal creative expression which far transcends the vegetative life lived by the earth man.

Now that we have entered into the subject of prayer, and that the fat is in the fire, so to speak, let us continue on in our analysis into a more scientific interpretation. Up until this point, we have generalized religion, its associated concepts, such as prayer as a contradiction to the science of life as taught by Jesus, and to present-day scientific knowledge.

Another way to understand prayer and its origin is to visualize it as one of the decadent forms of scientific expression which had their origin either in ancient civilizations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis or in interplanetary expressions lived by more highly developed people. The ancient Lemurians taught the interdimensional concept of mind function, just as it is presented in our present-day Unarius. In fact, I am one of the original teachers. However, I am finding it almost as difficult today as it was 150,000 years ago, for in that time just as in the present, the aboriginal peoples of the earth were and still are in a comparatively low state of evolution; excepting of course, those people who, in this present day, have gone through various progressive stages of development through the past ages which will enable them to fulfill and justify through preparation in Unarius.

The science of living must ultimately be resolved into a pure mind function, devoid of either impelling physical stimulus or subsequent physical reaction. On the mental plane, consciousness is an absolute integration of Infinite Consciousness which justifies all motions and apparent impedances as regenerative continuities of expression. Reaction, therefore, is never destroyed but is always seen as a regenerative remanifestation of its particular form.

Now, at this point, it must be understood this is a very scientific function that involves the mechanics of various oscillating polarities. In other words, the interchange of concept or form between various polarities is dynamically balanced as positive or negative, like a teeter-totter. The child who is temporarily up in the air is the positive, then as the board moves the cycle is reversed, then the other child assumes the positive position, remembering of course, that in the transference of concept from one pole to another, one must always be negative or lack what the other or positive pole possesses.

This can be seen as a two-way interchange of consciousness between higher dimensions of understanding and the lower dimensions which lack and need this understanding. This is the basic concept of positive regeneration from the higher Infinite into the lower more negative planes of expression. These lower forms are then inseminated, we shall say, with the higher concepts; then, in turn, these are manifest into a still lower or outward physical plane and lower negative polarities. The positive waveform goes to polarize abstract facsimile in the Higher Superconscious Self of the psychic anatomy where it again regenerates, as I have previously described. This is a never-ending psychic process.
At this point, we will enter into another and equally, an important concept called psychokinesis. Obviously, it should be most desirous for every person to not only incept or receive higher dimensional intelligence but that he should learn to use and direct it constructively and in a greater quantity than could heretofore be done in the mere earth life transpositions.

The reality of this concept as it was taught in Lemuria to the aboriginal minds, became the basis for all past and present known forms of various kinds of magic, (black and white) necromancy, signs, portents, witchcraft, incantations, as well as the various ecclesiastical forms, claimed to be performed by various priesthoods.

The casting out of evil spirits, or casting out an evil spell, is also part of the original Lemurian concepts which, through the childish minds of the earth people, degenerated into these various magical forms. In this sense, religion is just an outgrowth of these various mystical forces which are somehow vaguely recognized by all mankind and vastly different from the concept taught by the Lemurians who said, “Knowledge is power.”

By knowing about the Infinite, any individual can become selective based on frequency attunement. He can consciously accept or reject any or all parts of the Infinite which are constantly oscillating into the psychic anatomy; and based on acceptance or rejection, he can attain a better and more fruitful life.

Various waveforms which are not, at that moment of inception, constructive in nature, are not, therefore, contained in the psychic anatomy and do not remain with it; but oscillate through it just as a radio wave can oscillate past your radio without being known or heard, unless you tune your radio to it.

The reverse situation is also quite true. Every person, physical or spiritual, is actually broadcasting and receiving station. They are constantly radiating into the various dimensions the sum and total of everything which they are. This is done, just as is the TV transmission, on a basic sine wave frequency, and in this simple waveform, they are literally broadcasting into Infinity an exact replica or facsimile of everything that has ever happened to them which they have experienced or even thought about.

To the person who has trained himself to receive these messages and to tune into these various sine wave frequencies, every person becomes an open book. This fact, I have proven in countless thousands of past incidents where I have minutely described various daily happenings, objects, etc., to total strangers who knew of these things only unto themselves. This I am doing today and will continue to do so, and which is, incidentally, one of the demonstrative or dramatically provable aspects of the science which I am teaching.

Also, this science and the subsequent higher way of life can be acquired by anyone; furthermore the proper understanding and usage of this science, not only ensures a more peaceful and productive life, but ensures an eternal life lived in higher spiritual worlds where this science is lived by everyone, and not by a few visitors who come from these higher worlds to the earth world to demonstrate the reality of life.
Psychokenetics, in the broad frame of reference, includes such paranormal functions as astral projection, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

Understanding this science has enabled me to appear in different parts of the world, to people at moments of great stress. Some of these people have written their description of my appearance at that time; others have felt my presence. I am stating these facts, not because I wish to be deified or called a mystic; I wish to be known only as a brother to humanity who has come to the world at this propitious time to teach the higher extensions of scientific knowledge, which is a conclusion to the preparatory phase which I helped to teach 150,000 years ago.

The reason for this is because the aboriginal people of that time later reappeared in Atlantis in somewhat more highly developed lives. They who helped destroy Atlantis are reappearing in this present century as various scientists who are attempting to repay their debt and sin by rebuilding what they destroyed.

Others too, not destructively involved at that time are appearing as devotees or seekers and always find a climax to their search when they contact Unarius. Psychokenesis then becomes the practical reality of life; a life lived in an existence which functions simultaneously and harmoniously with the Infinite – a regenerative principle of life that receives and re-creates what it has received. Therefore all is done in perfect conception and with the vastness of an Infinite and unlimited prospectus.

Throughout the various books and works of Unarius, I have taken great care to avoid the personal innuendo. I know too well the proclivity of human minds to deify the abstraction in a personal image; this somehow seems to temporarily absolve them – so they think – of the necessity of learning and assuming the moral responsibility of their lives. I have often said, “If I am ever deified, my cause is lost; and in losing my cause, those whom I have come to help are also lost in this deification.” This was so with Jesus, with Buddha, with Mohammed, and with many others. For the true esoterical value of whatever they understood or taught was soon lost in the great preponderance of distortions and compromises which always arose in the minds of men, as a means to deviate them from assuming the true responsibility of their lives as it was taught by such men as Jesus. For this must always be as it has always been, purely a personal relationship with the Infinite in which the Infinite is progressively understood, and becomes a part of the thought and action of every human.

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