The Formula for Deliberate Living – the Law of Attraction

Creating your life by design? Is this really possible?

Here it is! A usable formula that lets you access and utilize the “law of attraction” you’ve been hearing about. With and open mind and a little faith, you can align yourself with inherent creative powers that will move you to accomplish your desires.

YOU are an expression of life energy. Your thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the energy you hold and exude. The tricky and interesting thing about life energy is that it attracts more like what it radiates (this is the law they speak of).

Now, since you are the one your energy receives its creative input from, you have the power to purposely change your input if you’re not attracting your hearts desires! New and different input will change how and what you attract in to your experience. Really, it’s that easy. All you have to do is bring your mind up to a new level of thought.

Your new approach to creating the energy you radiate can change your outlook, perceptions and experience of life. From now on your input can initiate the creation of your highest state of living.

To align yourself with your desires you will want to integrate four essential tools in to your life that will provide the catalyst needed to evolve in to the LIFE MASTER you are meant to be! Have fun creator.


It is essential that when building, creating, or making anything anew, to construct a solid foundation. The following elements of Integrity, Authenticity, and Love are required for such a foundation.

Integrity – There is a God like essence in every one of us. A spot inside that is all good…all love. When you shift your mind to that spot and move from there, you naturally act from integrity.

Moving through life with this form of integrity is indicative of an evolved and evolving spirit. Your integrity invites truth and peace in to your experiences and surroundings.  Love and light will emerge from you and your life experience will be a contribution to the highest good for yourself, your loved ones and the planet. You will consciously invite the inherent God likeness you possess to express itself through you when you live from this spot.  Integrity ignites from the core of your being.

Get in touch with that God spot within yourself through prayer, meditation or by simply bringing your attention to it. When you move through life with your attention on this God spot within, you will live in alignment with the essence of your being. That’s integrity!

Authenticity – Your authenticity is a most attractive quality. Proclaiming authenticity might take some effort because you may have been taught to accept the ideas of society, religion, parents and other outside influence that have bombarded you since birth. At some point in life you become an independent thinker and internal conflict may occur if the teaching from your early phase of life doesn’t align with your individual authentic soul’s purpose. The good news is you are an independent thinker!

You develop accountability for your authenticity when you make the decision to shed the layers of accumulated life sludge, such as fear, guilt, resentment, jealousy, hate or any other acquired false belief. When the weight of these falsities is removed, true peace of authenticity will emerge.

Authenticity summons our courage to be vulnerable to the consequences of the truth and sometimes the unknown. It requests our honesty in all dealings in life. We are truly united with our highest purpose when we align with our authenticity.

Allow your spirit to experience the “AWE” moments that come from growth, change and discovery because these are constant in life. Your accountability and surrender to your authenticity will provide truth and joy in living.

Love – Various spiritual teachings say that there are only two emotions…Love and Fear.  All other emotions are a secondary reaction.  Love is the true essence of your being.

Fear based emotions are learned and acquired as we move through the perceived difficulties of living.  Sometimes fear based emotions are so repetitious they become habitual and feel like a genuine part of your fundamental nature.

Fear is expressed through insecurity, shame, hate, prejudice, jealousy, greed, deceit or any other negative state of being.  Allowing your focus to get lost on fearful aspects will promote their dominance over your true nature, which is Love. Your repetitive attention and focus on love will heal and repel any fear based mode of living.

You are safe. Go ahead…Love.


With this solid foundation in place, you have already changed the vibration of energy that permeates you and radiates from you. Now you can use these Guidelines of Intention, Direction and Boundaries to begin the process of creating the life you desire.

Intention – Random intentions will produce random life results.  You always have the right now to choose a new direction and take ownership of your power to move through life deliberately!  Begin by elevating your intentions, thoughts, and words to match what you wish to manifest in your life. You are in charge of your mindset and perception and this is where your life creations begin.

Intention is one of the beginning ingredients toward manifesting your experience. If you are giving your attention to unwanted situations and perceptions, you are blocking the path for new creation. Let go of any undesired issues of the past! Open your mind and clarify your intentions for your life NOW. It is a decision to move through life with joy, ease and purpose. It is also a decision to ignore your ability to consciously create, allow life to happen by default, and point the finger of blame to your past experience.

Call upon your foundation of authenticity, integrity and love to construct your intentions. Keep your focus on gratitude for the good that is instead of what you feel is lacking. The law of attraction will immediately begin the process of manifesting that which you are giving your attention. Your intention is the platform from which your life creations launch.  Bring your mind up and consciously intend!

Direction – Keep in mind the power of the universe will always bring your highest good, so stay open to allowing all avenues of delivery. If you feel confusion and frustration you may need to lighten up and let go a bit. Step back and truly listen to your inner voice.  Sometimes the gift of traveling in the wrong direction is finding out what you definitely don’t want. That makes the once perceived wrong direction—the right direction after all. When you come to a fork in the road and the first chosen road did not produce your desired result, be willing to return to center and pay attention to your gut feeling. You will learn to distinguish and trust your intuitive impulses and follow them.

Clarity about your direction will appear when you focus on the completion of your desired creation. The path is revealed as the Universe complies with your request. Stay conscious of open doors even when they are doors you hadn’t initially considered.  You are more powerfully creative than you might know. You will be guided by the steadfast vision of your chosen desire.  Take a chance. Trust yourself

Boundaries – The integrity, authenticity and love you are now moving from will create your boundaries for you.  You have an individual pace of acceptance and tolerance for change and a unique mission in life. Boundaries are not only healthy, but a necessary element of staying authentic.  Sometimes establishing boundaries will require you to find your voice and use it.  Sometimes it will mean stretching yourself outside your comfort zone. And sometimes it will require taking a step back.

Establishing your boundaries while staying open to serving your family, friends and the planet is truly an art.  It will be different for each person as it will reach the deepest realism of your spirit.  You will need to call upon authenticity when you experience guilt.  You will need to remember your integrity when your ego flares. You will need to stop and remember to let the truth of love guide you, even when it wasn’t initially at the forefront of your thought.  Creating boundaries is an on going, ever-changing life school of awareness.  Boundaries help keep you at peace as you create for the highest good for all including yourself.


The solid foundation and the important guidelines have positioned you for an exciting adventure. Now you get to play with the Angles of Creativity, Passion, and Movement.

Creativity – This is the fun part!  Here is where your spirit will soar as your individuality expresses. You have an imagination aspect at your command at all times. It is a birth gift.  Creativity is yours to play with, experiment with and explore.  In the realm of the universe, your creativity is boundless. The only thing that limits you is your limited beliefs. Expand, dream, dare to explore the power of your incredibly creative mind.  You are a creator on this planet. How ever small you may think your creative contributions are… they count!  Our success as a race has developed from one drop of creativity at a time.  The world relies on you as a creative force of progress, protection and development of the planet. Create for yourself; create for the good of the mankind, create for fun!

Passion –This driving force is primitive, innocent and natural. The raw nature of passion is independent of outcomes.  It is the ride of life that brings passion and it is the passion in life that creates a joyous ride. You were born with passion in your soul. If you are not feeling passionate at this time in your life….un-stifle it, create it or “act as if” until you find it’s truth in your essence. The disappointments of your past that have squashed your passion are in the past. Turn your attention to your desired creations and if the passion isn’t there…pretend it is. Yes! Pretend until it starts to feel real.  It is real. It’s possible you have just forgotten how to access it because you are afraid of more disappointment. You will survive either way.  Whether you are on this planet for another hour or another ninety nine years, the time you have here can be spent in fear or spent in passionate deliberate living. You choose.

Movement- Whether in mind or body you are always in movement. Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves”. You are the mover. You move your thoughts, your perceptions, your intentions and your actions. This aspect of humanness is your birthright. You are the only person with the power to move your mentality. Yes!  You have the power!

You are always moving through thought either consciously or by default. Thought movement by default can run rampant and wreak havoc on your state of being. Take charge of where your thoughts take you.  Commanding movement of your thought process might initially sound like a huge responsibility. However, you will adapt quickly to purposeful mental creations and intentional movement in life will become habitual.  The alternative is random, unintentional thoughts that probably won’t fulfill your heart’s desires.  Purposely choose thoughts that move you in your desired direction and in a short amount of time you will create your “new normal”. Movement is more than a physical realm.  It includes mental movement and spiritual movement.  The rewards of this conscious movement will be astounding and well worth your initiated effort.


Creation is constant, ever-expanding, and never ending. However, each creation has completion elements of rewards and accountability. They are Gratitude, Joy, and Contribution. Here IT is creator.

Gratitude – I believe gratitude to be the most life altering creation we can express. Gratitude creates a whole being state of joy, expectancy and feeling of awe.  Gratitude is a chosen positioning of mind.  It is a decision to look around, look within and find a gift.  Make sure you don’t overlook that sometimes YOU are the gift in the situation and for that, you can be grateful. There is always an aspect of life to be grateful for in everything… if you decide so.  Granted, there are some situations in life that make it seem absolutely impossible to be grateful.  You think, why would I be grateful for death or disease or war or crime?  It is gratitude that can help ease the pain of life’s tragedies. You might find it in a memory, in time for reflection, for an awakening to new priorities or for the safe keeping of your loved ones. Sometimes gratitude is easy and obvious and sometimes you really have to dig for it!

Gratitude is a healing force you can rely on.  It acts as a powerful magnet that attracts more in life to be grateful for. Inner peace begins and breeds with gratitude.

Joy – Joy is your natural state. You were born with a consciousness of light and joy.  The accumulation of earthly life events might currently be distorting your experience of joy.  Learning to live in the now while using the past as a gauge for wisdom and choices will re-establish the joyous life you are entitled.  Joy is an active choice.  It is your direction of focus and attention determining your experience.  Sit quietly, focus on your breath and feel the joy of life source moving through your body.  Allow joy, embrace joy, and become a giver of joy, because you are filled with it.  As joy infuses every cell of your being with light you are in harmony with a higher presence. You are the present. LIVE IT.

Contribution – You are a contribution to the whole of humanity just because you exist.  We are all part of the whole energy of life. Right here, right now you complete the universe.

Because you are part of the complete human race, you qualify as a contributor. You are a powerful creator always creating consciously or by default. Your new purposely created mindset can launch your expanded capacity of living. You can now become the creator of the life you desire and the contributor you are capable of being.  The world relies on YOU for you unique and important contributions.  Whether your contribution is caring for your loved ones, teaching, creating art, or discovering another galaxy, you are contributing.  How ever small you think your contribution is, the universe thanks you for it.  Even though there are those who continue to contribute to the darker side of life, your light presence will defuse darkness and contribute to the support of a higher vibration of good on this planet.   As humans we are always contributing to the light or to the confusion depending on our intentions and actions.  Your true nature is light.  Embrace it, nurture it in yourself and in others. That is an amazing contribution. You were born complete.

So, what is your creation today?

Mind IT Up! With Love and Light, Lynne Lambert

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