Mental Abilities – Fact or Fiction?

Let clear something out right from the start: In this article, it is not questioned whether the ability to “see” using spiritual senses is a fact or not. The starting point is that psychic abilities are a fact. Instead, it focuses on whether you can rely on the nature and quality of the clairvoyance that is increasingly being offered to people seeking psychiatric therapists and whether there is a reason to be critical and, if so, how.

It has become common practice to consult a clairvoyant who, through his special abilities, is able to see aura, inner worlds, and phenomena that one cannot see with the physical sight. Specifically this fact means that it is common to accuse clairvoyant therapists of being the victims of hallucinations or perhaps even directly of deceiving their clients, because, according to the recognized scientific research, all research must be based on physical observation, and it implies that, that which cannot be observed with the physical scene or sight — is considered non-existent. But according to intellectual science, the therapists also base their information on observation, because they use metaphysical vision skills to make observations, but of course, it presupposes that the therapists are actually clairvoyant in the proper sense of the word.

Clairvoyance is a clear ability to see

Clairvoyance is the French word for “clear vision” or telepathy. Clairvoyance is a natural, inherent or trained ability to record what lays in anything other than the dense physical substance and perceive this record as a visual impression. According to spiritual science, the soul has a number of senses and psychic abilities that it uses as a knowledge tool on the seven consciousness plans of man, the physical plane is the heaviest and closest substance that can be observed with the physical sight. The other life plans can be observed with spiritual senses that function independently of the physical vision.

Lower and higher clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is, for example, the ability of the soul to “look” at the astral plane (the plane of emotion), which is the plan of existence that follows immediately behind the physically-etheric. The ability to “see” this world is called lower clairvoyance. By using higher clairvoyance, one can “see” the mental plane (the plan of thought), which lies behind the astral world and therefore is at an even higher level consisting of even more delicate matter than the astral (higher vibrational field).

Clairvoyance is the ability to “see” over-physical phenomena and worlds independently of time and space, and there are many degrees of clairvoyance. Some only have the ability to see the lower astral vibrations, while others can look right up to the higher mental plane – even higher, even less often. Oftentimes, clairvoyance is used to interpret the thought forms and colors found in the human aura. But the higher-developed clairvoyants can also observe both historical and future events – the latter, however, is as “potentials” for man, because as we know, every man has a free will to choose his path. The higher clairvoyance is, as I said, a term for clairvoyance on the mental plane. It makes the higher clairvoyance more precise than the astral version, which often allows for many glamors.

The ability for clairvoyance is latent in all human beings, but in order to attain the higher degrees, the character of man must be developed considerably, for a high moral level is required to attain and endure having that ability. The same goes for other psychic abilities as well.

Who is a clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is, therefore, a man with transcendent abilities. The clairvoyant man (or woman) can see the phenomena that exist on the astral and mental plane and in the human aura. But many who offer clairvoyance services are not clairvoyants, because they cannot see the inner worlds. They feel or sense them… or they hear messages… but if they do not see them with their clairvoyant abilities, there is no clairvoyance here. Clairvoyance is, therefore, a false trade name.

Some “clairvoyants” defend themselves with the fact that it is “the same,” but that one would probably be silly, the same thing is if you bought a TV and received a radio instead, claiming it can pay the sound as well. If one seeks a clairvoyant to get clairvoyance, it would be wise to ask initially whether we talk about true clairvoyance, or whether it is, in fact, some kind of extrasensory abilities, yet something completely different. It can be of great importance for the credibility and the benefit of the current session.

Be silent and listen.

Another good advice is that you should not provide the clairvoyant with information during the session itself. Ask the clairvoyant to tell. A skilled clairvoyant never asks! Listen and do not comment on the information along the way, but end the session with a conversation about the information provided. One good example was once aired on TV, where a “clairvoyant” closed his eyes and after a break began to tell the client: “I get a “T”- does that tell you something?” The client hesitantly replied: “Uh… yes… maybe… I love to go on holiday to Turkey, is that it?”, after which the clairvoyant immediately said, “Yes! – Turkey – yes, there is something with you and Turkey! You lived in Turkey in a past life!”

We do not need to comment and further analyze this session, which is unfortunately not the first case in this industry. This is why I feel it’s important to inform the people about the clairvoyance services, which predominantly offered by charlatans.

Aura – yes. But which one?

Are you clairvoyant if you can see another person’s aura? Not necessarily! It depends on which aura you can see. Is it the astral aura, the mental aura or – in rare cases – the causal aura (the soul’s aura), in that case — it is clairvoyance. Some people, with the physical eye, can observe the aura and the weak color gamut that surrounds all people, or perhaps it is just an ethereal vision. ++Ethereal vision is not a psychic ability, because it is the result of further development and refinement of the physical eye’s natural visual ability. The sensitive physical vision can perceive the electromagnetic field surrounding the man and which the spiritual science calls the etheric body or the ethereal doublet. The physical vision, therefore, becomes physically-ethereal. The etheric body is part of the physical body. Because the etheric vision is limited to the physical world, etheric vision cannot be considered clairvoyance. Clairvoyants do not look with the physical eyes.

It is a fact that a person sees the client’s aura through his own bodies or auras. It is like watching a landscape through colored glass. If the therapist has not learned to take this into account, the characteristics that the therapist is most likely to respond to will be the most prominent in the client.

There is a difference between seeing and feeling.

Many “clairvoyant” therapists use a real sense of clarity. They do not see the inner world, past lives, deceased or future potentials. They feel or sense these phenomena. Feeling clear is also an important mental ability, but there is a great difference between seeing the inner world and feeling or perceiving it. With “feeling” comes the risk that the therapist – probably without knowing it – retrieves the information directly from the client’s thoughts and feelings, and that was not what the intention. If a seance simply causes someone else to read and repeat what you have already thought and felt for yourself, you didn’t get much help, did you? Would it be exciting to know something that you already know – and even pay money for it? Yet many clairvoyants “operate” at this level.

The problem grows bigger when it comes to contact with the deceased ones. Contact with the dead is an exciting and controversial topic, and from a spiritual-science point of view, it is both possible and sometimes beneficial to contact the deceased. Not only to get a confirmation that there is a life after death, but also to clarify any unresolved issues from the physical life. However, if the therapist, by means of clear feeling alone, refers to the client’s own thoughts and beliefs about the deceased, there is no enigma of contacting with the dead, but of thought reading or some degree of telepathy. Much suggests that some clairvoyants are not able to distinguish between the client’s thoughts and/or feelings and a truly deceased person.


Telepathy is the classic term for paranormal transfer of thoughts. Spiritual science distinguishes between internal and external telepathy. The internal telepathy is the exchange of consciousness impulses that take place between the brain, the astral body, the mental body, and at best the soul on the soul’s own plane (causal plane). The external telepathy can be defined as a spontaneous transfer of consciousness impulses between people. Every human being is in permanent telepathic contact with his surroundings often without being aware of the fact that one constantly receives thought and emotional impressions from the surroundings. There are many types of telepathy depending on the consciousness plans they originate from. True telepathy is communication from the mental body to mental body or from soul to soul.

An indication that the therapist does not read the client’s thoughts and/or feelings as if the therapist is able to provide information that the client knows nothing about, but the problem is, of course, that if you do not know the information, you cannot feel confident that they are correct unless you will be able to get them confirmed later.


Some therapists call their sense of intuition without knowing what intellectual science is meant by intuition. The mere fact that intuition is associated with the sensibility shows that there is no real intuition. Intuition is not a feeling – nor a sense of clearness! Intuition in the intellectual sense is direct spiritual and infallible cognition. This is because intuition is the soul’s Buddhic-like ability – i.e., the ability to recognize the truth without the aid of thinking, logic, knowledge, emotions, and sensations. Intuition is, therefore, a direct realization and knowledge of the truth. The Buddhist Consciousness Plan is above the consciousness plan of the soul (the causal plane), and intuition, therefore, expresses very high or refined consciousness impulses which only the fewest are able to detect in the brain consciousness.

Pure intuition can best be defined as a consciousness that recognizes that life is a unity – and that separation is, therefore, an illusion. All life is one, but bodies and forms create the experience of separation. But bodies and shapes are also energy or life. Therefore, the experience of separation is an illusion. There is one life, everything is life and life is a unit. This realization originates from the Buddhist plan, and cannot be explained or described, for a description entails separation between what is described and the one describing. Intuition is, therefore, a spontaneous insight into the greater divine whole and plan that lies behind the unfolding of life on the physical plane. Intuitive insight does not concern individuals, but always wholeness, groups of people, the future and the higher meaning and purpose of life.

Intuition or instinctive telepathy?

Intuition gives the man a clear knowledge of what higher purposes it should serve. Therapists who give personal advice and claim that it is through intuition do not use intuition but feelings and sensations. When true intuition works in the context of emotional life, true love (which is not a feeling) arises, and when the same unity consciousness expresses itself through the mental body, wisdom arises which is another expression of love. Intuition must therefore not be confused with instinctive telepathy, which is a process by which a person, via his emotion, can spontaneously know what is happening in another human being. This type of impulse can contain illusions – it never makes intuition.

Jung has recognized the intuition as an independent psychological form of knowledge that is as true and legitimate as any other type of cognition. The same has been said by the transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli. He places the intuition as a higher form of cognition, and it occupies a central place in his psychological system. Roberto Assagioli defines the intuition as “the direct experience of unity with the ultimate reality.” The intuition can give the man a direct experience of being part of the overall whole without being able to explain all the details in this relationship.

Feeling clear is therefore not the same as intuition!

Clairvoyants work with psychism, and psychism is about the hidden forces of nature that can be recognized by both lower and higher sensitivity, depending on whether the forces and phenomena stem from lower or higher levels of the physical, astral or mental plane. A distinction is made between two kinds of psychism: lower psychism, often expressed as clairvoyance or clairaudience, and the ability to contact non-human beings (forms). Higher psychism is expressed as telepathy, spiritual abilities and the ability to recognize the divine in all forms as well as illumination. Once in a distant future, these abilities will no longer be considered psychic, but as ordinary human attributes, because they are all latent in every human being.

Should a therapist be able to “see” the inner worlds in order to offer help by using his psychic abilities? No – certainly not, but if the therapist does not “see,” there is no clairvoyance, and unfortunately the word clairvoyance is evolving to become a common denominator for the world’s psychic abilities – lower as well as higher – questionable as well as real.

Inner and outer senses

There is nothing mysterious about psychic abilities. The soul has a number of senses and abilities that are used as the knowledge tools of man’s seven plans of consciousness. At the physical level, the soul uses the five physical senses of the personality, but on the inner consciousness plans, it utilizes a number of metaphysical or transcendental abilities. Clairvoyance is just one of them. Clairaudience, telepathy, and intuition are other examples of psychic abilities. The higher functions of the mental body or thinking are considered by spiritual science as the sixth sense and intuition of the soul as the seventh.

Not all of the soul’s senses are transcendent. Discernment and aspiration are also considered essential knowledge tools used by most spiritually seeking people.

Some therapists “hear” messages from the personal plans – for example from the deceased. This ability is called clairaudience (French). Clairaudience is an innate or trained ability to hear sounds that cannot be detected by the physical ear. Clairaudience or clear hearing is the ability to hear independently of time and space. Lower clairaudience is the soul’s ability to listen to the astral plane, and higher clairaudience is the ability of the soul to hear on the mental plane. The ability is usually used to hear what the deceased on the astral plane – or in rare cases on the mental plane – announces.

Contact with masters and enlightened souls?

Some therapists claim that they are in contact with masters, ascended and enlightened souls, archangels, etc., and that the therapists simply act as channels for these high beings. Here, there is a reason to appeal to common sense, because there is a serious psychological trap in this claim, for who is questioning a message coming from an exalted being that is virtually divine? If you trust that the personal message actually comes from the allegedly high source, you have no choice but to obey! One must override one’s own discernment and critically submit to an alleged master – or rather – the therapist who claims there is contact with an ascended master. The therapist can always reject any responsibility for any message, citing the fact that “I’m just a channel – I just convey a message.”

If the client had instead been called and in the phone heard an unknown voice that required the client to change his life, chose another partner, moved to another city, etc., he would undoubtedly ask with great skepticism: “Who speaks I’m with? ” – and if the voice claimed it was an enlightened soul, the tube would undoubtedly be put on. But when a therapist acts as a “switchboard,” many believe uncritically about the statement and the message.

The individual person must, of course, decide for himself whether it will believe that it is so important for the overall development of humankind that an ascended master will trouble himself with giving personal advice on minor adjustments in personal life. According to spiritual science, a master never communicates directly with incarnate personalities, but only with the souls of the soul’s own plane (causal plane). It is then the task of the incarnated man to contact his own soul (for example through meditation ) to receive guidance in life on this path. And if it comes from a master, this guide will never have the character of personal advice, but always deal with issues that will benefit larger groups of people or for the whole.

Other psychic abilities

On rare occasions, psychic therapists practice psychometry. The word psychometry is Greek, but is also called “object reading.” Psychometry was originally the term for the ability to read or see – not with the physical eyes, but with the inner vision. Today, spiritual science uses the word about the ability to touch a thing’s “past” or “feel” the past’s history – that is, a kind of clairvoyance or clairaudience. A psychometrist can, e.g. by taking a personal object in their hand “reading” information about the person and the events that have unfolded in the vicinity of the object.

Hypnotherapy is a well-known and recognized therapeutic method for altering unfortunate habits such as, for example: smoking or contact with the past – a so-called regression. In regression, a person is returned to earlier times in the current life or to pre-birth – or even to previous incarnations using regression techniques. Hypnosis can be used for much more, because it is an effective method that can be used to shoot shortcuts to the many resources hiding beneath the surface of all humans. Through hypnosis, a direct contact with the subconscious can be created, thereby creating changes in daily life. The purpose of hypnotherapy and regression is to make contact with the inner emotional blockages, in order to understand, abolish or change them into something that is more appropriate and positive. It is about getting reprogrammed action and thought patterns that were once useful but no longer have any purpose.

What happens?

Hypnosis is the Greek term for the various processes by which a therapist, through his will, is able to put another human being with a weaker will into a kind of trance. If the hypnosis is not used for a positive purpose, the action falls under black magic. In spiritual science, hypnosis is considered dangerous – both physically and morally – to physically affect the nerve root and the nerves that control blood circulation in the hairline. And morally speaking, the hypnotist’s will is brought under hypnotist’s, and it is worrying if the hypnotist is not at a high moral level.

Palmistry or chiromantic – a word that is also Greek – is also one of the alternative sciences that more and more therapists offer. Kiromanti is about reading a person’s plant and character and thus its potential fate by interpreting the hand’s lines and structure.

Mental abilities & chakras

According to spiritual science, human senses – both physical and metaphysical – are linked to the chakra system. The sense of smell is connected to the root center, and thus selfishness and self-preservation. The sense of taste is linked to the sacral center and human sexuality and sensuality. The personal emotional life , the lower clairvoyance and the lower clairaudience originate from the solar plexus center. The higher psychometry and compassion – which expresses love for the group – is associated with the heart center. Hearing sense and higher clairaudience (clear hearing) are attached to the neck center, which represents human ability for communication and creative thinking. The sense of sight , intuition and higher clairvoyance originate in the forehead center, where man’s ideas, realizations and integration are created. Finally, all the higher senses gather in the main center, which represents the consciousness with will, intention, power, and transcendence. It is important to emphasize that this review of the senses in relation to the chakras and the psychic abilities is very simplified and therefore certainly not adequate.

Knowledgeable therapists and critical clients!

Lack of knowledge among both clients and therapists contributes to the clairvoyance industry being rightly exposed to criticism and suspicion. Critical clients will be of great benefit to the industry, but it is primarily the clairvoyants themselves who are responsible for creating respect for their difficult work. Therefore, there is a good reason to urge the clairvoyance industry and its schools to counteract the lack of knowledge, education, and morals that destroy the excellent work done by the industry’s serious, knowledgeable and skilled therapists.

And remember… the sense of feeling or reading of thoughts and feelings is not clairvoyance!

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