Make The Law of Attraction Work for You

The first secret of success is… Huge INTENTION TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE

This is the first and main secret of success.
What is the inner intention?
The intention – is the willingness to be and to act decisively. Internal means that your desire comes from the heart, not the mind. The soul controls the emotions, mind, logic. If between emotion and logic conflict arises, always and in all circumstances, win the emotions. They just an order of magnitude stronger than in our universe. Our universe is a huge bundle of energy. And our emotions contained small part of this energy. It is your emotions control your life. They, like a magnet. attract to you the events that you are experiencing. For more details about the Law of Attraction.

Why do I say it is the intention, rather than a desire. Desire – is a tool of the mind. He wants, when it is not ready to receive. The mind wants to, and the soul is immaterial here because not all desires are realized. Dreams become a reality only when it enters the intention, that is, the person is ready to have what he wants, and then the energy of desire is transformed in the direction of that fact, and makes the law of attraction to draw the material reality in your life.
I previously was difficult to understand how a person wants to have something and not making any effort to get it. Now I understand why. Desire comes from the mind. If the soul is not in harmony with the desire of the mind, it will not come true. Mental discomfort will alienate you from your event. When the mind is what you prefer, then you are ready to work, you are ready to put a lot of effort and energy to carry out the desired. Then you simply have much to stop, you begin to realize that it’s yours, and then when it is implemented in your life, it’s just a matter of time. It is not known where and do not understand why you are starting to know that it’s yours, and it will be realized in your life.

Understand that for you means success in life. Not necessarily is any material things. Everyone wants to have a big, beautiful house, great car, but only units of the same soul desires. Other people also soul wants something completely different. We come into this world totally different. We can not watch that in a general sense it means success, and strive for a universal success. You need to find your success. You will feel when you really find your niche. It will be accompanied by peace of mind and a deep inner joy. These sensations will bring into your life a lot of good will and a constant source of positive life energy. Find your path and follow it – is the most important secret to success!
2nd secret of success is… Explicit KNOWING, that you will succeed

Let me tell you a secret that might surprise you. Most likely, your mind does not want to accept it, but you do not drop the idea immediately, and reflect on it. Success is a natural course of events an option, failure is abnormal. Now I explain why it actually happens and why success is much less than the failures. The page’s intention, according to the law and explained the path of least resistance. That is, the universe is the path of least resistance, she realizes what the least amount of energy is required. Look around you: nature is full of abundance, it is even wasteful in all, look at the fields that are covered by millions of colors pleasing to the eye, the mountains, the ocean, in the forest. How is it all perfectly good! Nature creates all this beauty is not bothering, for her abundance – is the norm, the ordinary course of events. See how everything in nature is harmoniously arranged. Striking, is not it? Why the opposite people. It affects all this poverty! The answer lies in the presence of a human mind. The life of man controls his mind. All events must be developed on a predetermined scenario it. And if anything goes wrong, it is perceived as bad and uncomfortable confluence of events. The man begins to experience negative emotions about it. But in fact, a different scenario does not mean “worst” scenario. The fact that the caterpillars – death, for the butterfly – the birth. Perceiving events negatively, we are beginning to shy away and move away from the line of abundance and success. Our lives took control of the mind. He pushed the soul into the background. And because most people know failure. Life is unpredictable, but the mind is trying everything to identify and advance forecast scenarios. But this is impossible! That’s because a person goes to the negative line of life, which is disappointing that things are not going the way he wants. But he admits with a HUGE mistake. He thinks that the emergency scenario worse than foreseen. Let the mind does not interfere in the process of achieving the goal, and you get what you want. Release the grip control. Then you will discover unconditional knowledge that you are on the road to success, and nothing can stop you, because the universe is wasteful wealth and abundance.tumblr_nm35vcCdxG1s3cfylo1_1280
3rd secret of success – HARD WORK.

You have to take responsibility for the realization of its goals and begin to work tirelessly. The work is the secret of the success of all successful people. Think of Thomas Edison, 10 thousand unsuccessful attempts led him to the discovery of the wonderful, Henry Ford, who created the car, and other famous people. None of them succeeded lying on the couch. The secret of success lies in the work. Work only laborious and hard work led them to the goal. On the way they overcame the many obstacles that have helped them to create more and more perfect opening. And none of them are afraid to recycle. Subsequent to the successful people, they work much longer and harder than mediocre people. They rest much less, but it is true, better quality. The secret of the hard work that it gives strength. Though they work longer, much less tired. Why? Yes, because they see their goal and live your vision. This gives them the strength to work and work on. Page Vision perfectly covers this topic. Man was created to work, laziness, he was tired, his soul stagnant boredom. Look, everything is created with a purpose. Cars – in order to move quickly. Aircraft – in order to overcome the vast distances in a very short period of time. A man came to this earth, too, with a purpose. And look, if you put the car in the garage and forget about it, that in 2-3 years it will no longer fit to carry out their functions. Similarly, aircraft, and any other subject. Man, however, fades out of boredom. He must work hard and strive for their goals. More details about this secret of success, see page success in the pursuit of his goal. The only way a person can find happiness.

Working, count only on themselves, on their own strength. Do not rely on luck or other people. Luck will accompany you when you are not relying on it. Once you’re glad that she will smile to you, you will be disappointed. Proceed themselves intelligently manage other people, luck will be with you. Therefore, I wish you to persist and work hard to achieve their goals!
4th secret to success is… Auto-suggestion
Self-hypnosis is the only key in the world of the subconscious. In self-hypnosis is the secret of the successful control of their lives. YOU are constantly engaged in self-hypnosis, but you may not know about it. Your every word that is addressed to yourself, your every thought and attitude toward yourself is self-suggestion. What do you think about yourself? You feel good about yourself? These are your thoughts about yourself are also self-suggestion. Thought, dwells in the mind, transformed into emotions. And the emotions – is the starting material for the subconscious. And the longer these emotions are in your mind, the more they take root there. All thought, rooted in the subconscious mind, a real impact on your reality. The simplest example: if you yourself do not like – you act uncertain, in any situation in doubt. Self-hypnosis – is a powerful process (now you know why), but to give it to chance, spontaneously and unconsciously moving through life, at least not reasonably. You are able to choose what you think, so think a few minutes about themselves with a better perspective. You are a unique person, there is no other such in the world. You are the stars. Think only about the good moment of his qualities. What you get is great? You have many excellent qualities. Focus on them. How well do you cope with the task, with another …. Think a minute.
You notice that your mood has changed little in a positive way? But you are only a minute thought. And if you think for 5 minutes, and if you repeat this procedure 2 times a day, and then every day without a break? You know what happens? You completely changed the attitude. You will learn to focus on the positive.
You can also use visualization techniques, introducing myself to have goals. Play the picture in mind of what you have achieved your goals now (in any case not the future).
For more details about self-hypnosis self-hypnosis look at page – the only way to influence the subconscious.
5th secret of success – Life planning, goal setting

In this step, and miracles begin to happen. Not knowing how you are going to achieve their desires, begin to set goals. It is a transition point from the loser to the successful person. It is important that you understand the secret of success. All successful people did not know how they implement their goals. It is important that you have the courage to put these goals. How to plan your life, it is explained on the page life planning for 10 years ahead. When you set your goals and life plan far in advance, if you are setting up your subconscious mind to a certain scenario. This is similar to tuning a radio. You first choose which station you want to listen, and only then looking for her. If you do not know what you want to hear, you will find one station, then move quickly to the next, the third, but most of the time will be only noise between stations. A similar happens in life. You must first decide where you want to go, and only then your subconscious mind will begin to tune in to the event line. Most people do not choose, but simply go through life, and because of their life – is a continuous ‘noise’, unfortunately.
6 th secret to success – GOOD WAY OF HIMSELF

The secret of all successful people is good, even very good opinion of himself. No, you do not think they are wrong more often you. It is important to have the right attitude to himself. After all, your relationship with yourself determines how you will be treated to all the others, and their activities. You just have to love and respect yourself. If you do not love yourself, you can not bring anyone favor on this earth. You are not able to love anyone else. It may seem that I love children, but it is not. It all starts with you. If you do not love yourself, you will not want to work for that person, because you do not like it at all. How can you work for him? Bad attitude to oneself leads to the belief, “I do not deserve.” And with such conviction, you are nothing and will never reach. №1 says the secret of success, to get something, you have to be ready to have. And you are absolutely not ready for this, and even on the contrary are not ready to have what you have now. All you are thinking, as if to hold it. Your self-image determines your attitude toward the world. Attitude to the world CAN NOT be better than the attitude. It all starts with you. Do you know that negative self-image is easy to change using self-hypnosis. You just try to notice what you have done well and to remember it, ignoring all bad. This was said in detail on page self-hypnosis. As long as you do not try do not create a good image of yourself to get anything worthwhile. I offer you one sentence, which greatly increases your importance in this world: you no one else, as the son of God. Imagine what your potential. And there is nothing impossible for you. For more details about how to improve their self-esteem.

7th secret of success – Constantly learning

You must constantly learning on the way to success. Take the habit to read, read and read again. Be sure to read anything on the subject of self-development. This site is a good starting point for learning. He will give you a good idea of ​​success, and you will understand in which direction you should move on. Read on for your career advancement or business theme for its prosperity. Try not to waste time. When driving to work, listen to the training materials. They are now fully online, besides free. Download and listen to. If you come by car, make her your university success. While you eat, include something instructional. Always carry a player, suddenly you will find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to wait for someone or something. With the player, you will protect yourself from wasting time. You have no idea how much time can be saved on the player. And it takes place, as a key-chain. Do not spare money for their education. People are always interested in where to invest free money? The bank, in investment funds? Good decision to invest in your business, if any. If not, invest money in their education. Your mind is the most expensive asset. He is able to bring you a 100% money invested in him in the past month. Where else can you find a 100% monthly. Yes anywhere. You do not like to read? Learn. You do not like to listen to the player? Force yourself. Maybe you do not like because they’re reading or listening to something boring and uninteresting?
That’s all the important secrets of success. Study them carefully and for a more detailed explanation of the transition on the links a specified sections. The successful application of your secrets of success!

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