Prayer is a word we hear often but don’t know what hides behind it. Throughout various epistles of Unarius great stress and emphasis has been placed upon learning a new way of life, a new way to think; and in line with these presentations, it has been constantly re-emphasized that the student should learn to desist from various age-old habits and practices and begin practicing his new-age future life technocracy.

Foremost among the age-old practices is that of prayer; and inasmuch as the new aspirant may be somewhat shocked by the sudden realization that prayer is most often quite useless; it is a subterfuge, an escape mechanism, or an obvious device wherein any prayerful supplicant is, in reality, talking himself into a passive state of mind.

Some people may be so aroused in this new approach, that they may be inclined to try to vindicate their personal beliefs in prayer. They may assert that they have had prayers answered, or that they may know of many instances of others who have had prayers answered. They may also wonder and ask, “How are we going to get help?” or in some extreme cases, certain individuals may be aroused to angry indignation. Realizing all the implications involved in presenting this new approach and a new way of life, there must be a direct and conclusive answer, scientifically and logically presented, which will override the miasmic illusion; the illusion of mind under which the aspirant has heretofore been traveling.

Therefore, let us analyze this prayer situation, and find out if there is any truth in its generally practiced concept; or is there a better way? Entering very broadly in a philosophical stance, we must first assume that every human is a definite entity in the evolutionary scale which is a part and principle of the Infinite; and that this entity is, so far as the Infinite is concerned, presumably destined to evolve into higher states of consciousness. Therefore, it cannot be presumed, so far as the individual is concerned, that any position which he is now occupying in the scale of evolution can be considered the ultimate; for as long as consciousness, individually and collectively, assumed enmass as a collective form and expression of life, and as these collective expressions are materialistic in nature, therefore, any and all of those individuals are functioning under a system of symbologies which, when incepted, instigate certain reactionary processes.

Conversely, with any individual or culture which lives purely within the concept of principle in action, in an interdimensional stance, and without reactionary stimulations or repercussions, but as an equalized oscillating function with the Infinite, then those more highly advanced functioning entities can be considered god-like, in the sense that they have passed beyond the dimension of symbology as it is lived on the planet earth. In other words, it can be correctly assumed – in fact, science as of this time and day directly admits as much – that in the great universes, there are conceivable, planets whereon people live, either in lower or higher forms of life.

However, it cannot be assumed that these people, universally, either understand or know of the various religions which are a part of the earth’s life. These people too, all play their own role in the scale of evolution, and are as much a part of the Infinite Consciousness as the most devout Christian, even though they have not heard of Jesus or the so-called Christian way to salvation. They, like all other humans who have not heard of Christianity, are equally entitled to this progressive evolution. They, so far as the Infinite is concerned, are equally important; for the Infinite does not have a personal relationship on an emotional basis with humanity, either Christian or otherwise.

So far as the Infinite is concerned, people are somewhat like cells or atoms in your body. It would be extremely difficult for you to separate these individual cells and atoms and enter into an emotional dispensation with them. Yet, as a whole, they usually live and function perfectly without your direct conscious knowledge or direction. This situation is much more infinitely expressed with the Infinite; for the Infinite is not only the function and principle, the mentality but is also the substance.

Therefore, when you pray, if you are praying to God, as you formerly supposed God to be, you are, in reality, trying to talk to all of the stars or suns, all the planetary systems with all their peoples, all the diverse forms of life, all the numerous resurgent dimensions of energy configurations, all the higher and more advanced intellects; yes, even all of those who inhabit the sub-astral worlds, (pits of hell).

Obviously, this is quite an irrational and asinine procedure; for your prayers or thoughts not being tangibly projected, either by form or substance or by the correct knowledge as to whom you are praying, could obviously go astray. Moreover, as prayer is, in itself, always a negative approach, it is therefore negatively biased and can only harmonically attune itself to an infinite number of negative configurations.

How different is the more positive approach which can be used and is always correctly assumed, when any individual who possesses the proper knowledge and function of the Infinite, is, therefore, with this knowledge, positively biased? He sees the plan, the purpose, and the completion of various cyclic transmissions in their respective expressions throughout the Infinite macrocosm; and in this realization, automatically assumes the correct positive bias and therefore can incept and receive into his daily life, a proportionate constructive expression.

To those who may say, “I have had prayers answered or seen them answered, etc.,” let us examine if there is any basis for the assumption that prayer has been answered, especially in the manner ascribed to it. In common logistics, mathematicians have proven that according to the law of averages all things work out or transpire based on 60 percent. In other words, out of ten instances where prayer was thought to be answered, six of these would have occurred without prayer. This leaves only four which can be considered extraterrestrial in nature or that they may be called miraculous.

A miracle is only the transpiring of some tangible conscious objectivism without any known means or agencies. However, in pure science there are no unknown factors or agencies; every miracle must have certain basic reactive principles involved, even though these may not be known to those who witness the so-called miracle. Therefore, in pure science, there are no miracles, and this is quite true in all instances. Yes, even the so-called miracles depicted in the New Testament have very scientific basic principles involved in their transmission and are, therefore, really not a miracle at all, in the commonly accepted frame of reference.

Yes, and it can be considered that present-day scientific knowledge has not yet extended into the extraterrestrial dimensions where those certain scientific principles are being constantly expressed. Consider then how do you expect your prayers to be answered if you do not know of the interdimensional, extraterrestrial principles which must be called into play before the miracle can be consummated. Again you are leaving much to blind chance; or, going on the assumption that there is some kind of a god personality, who, theoretically, can see and hear all things simultaneously, not only as things transpire on the earth, but in the Infinite Universe as well. This too, is an infantile supposition, and yet when the Infinite is properly understood, the Infinite does see and hear all things infinitely; not only as they are occurring, but without time. The Infinite is also seeing and hearing all the past and all the future.
This is done according to the principle of harmonic attunement as it involves the Infinite in all Its cyclic interplay. As you are, at any given time, individually speaking, only the sum and total of what you can conceive, how much more logical it would be, therefore, that, instead of blind prayer, you could conceive, to some extent, the Infinite in this broad extraction; and in this conception, you could visualize the more highly developed or progressive infinite evolution; and within this conception, you would re-express it into your daily life.

The comparison here is somewhat analogous to sitting behind the wheel of a car and praying for it to run and steer itself; whereas, the more intelligent approach is to obtain and use basic operating knowledge of how to drive. The same approach holds true with your future evolution. You must possess sufficient basic knowledge to direct your vehicle of life in a constructive and progressive evolution.

Therefore, so far as the remaining four seeming miracles were concerned, these remained miracles, because some unknown factor, element, or power, apparently performed a task which was beyond the normal capacity of any human expression. Here again, a correct scientific analysis must be entered into.

Each instance may represent different conditions, but in all cases, these so-called miracles were the direct result of scientific principle in action and not because some supposed godlike or deistic being commanded it to be so. Even when the more advanced personalities, such as Jesus, aided or instigated what appeared to be a miracle, the principle in action was expressed in each case. Jesus always asked, “Believeth thou this?” referring to the faith or the possibility of conception with the individual involved. Then He stated, “Thy faith has made thee whole,” or “By thy faith be it added unto thee,” and in no instance did Jesus personally pray or enter into a miracle. When asked about miracles, Jesus said, “Of myself I do nothing, it is the Father within, which doeth all things.”

Obviously, the Father is the principle in action, and this Father also had to “live” within every person; otherwise, the miracle could not have occurred. It can be rightfully assumed at this point, that all people who had miraculous transformations, were preconditioned for this advent, not only in their present, everyday circumstances, and when they first heard of Jesus, but in the spiritual lives in between earth lives, they had witnessed spiritual healings and they had, in essence, their own personal spiritual healing before reincarnating into the earth-life; to seek out such a person as Jesus who would automatically establish a spiritual rapport would, in turn, complete in a physical sense, the spiritual healing.

It must be remembered at this point, that the reconstructive physical process in which eyes were made whole or leprosy cured, happened at the time when complete psychic cancellation occurred in the psychic anatomy; thus being made whole, immediately reflected a strong and powerful perfect image into the physical anatomy, which rearranged automatically and molecularly, the conformity of the perfect psychic image, thus resulting in the perfectly healed physical anatomy.

In this sense then, time was merely separated from the individual healing transmission, for it could be reasonably assumed that all people involved in miraculous healings would be healed of their condition in any proper well-ordered progressive evolution. The value of a miracle, therefore, can be severely questioned and could be reasonably supposed to be an invalid circumstance in such a normal progression. Many people who witness miracles become fanatically obsessed with an escape mechanism, or they may assume, in their fantasy, that they, too, are miracle workers.

They may falsely assume their own personal miracle and in various fantasies, influence, coerce, dominate, and even proselytize more normal individuals into accepting their false fantasy.

In the erection of the Christian Church, this same fantasy has been largely entered into; not only in spiritual healing but into any and all dominant factors of life. The hierarchy of the various Christian denominations all wields to some extent, this same fanatical power, which is, in actual reality, a crude and materialistic attempt to sublimate all earth-life expressions into deistic configurations expressed and moderated by church systems.

In conclusion, therefore, miracles are not denied; their value, however, is questioned; especially when a miracle may occasionally occur in circumstances where those individuals so involved do not have a proper and constructive valence of evolutionary principle and Infinite Perspectus. So, if you must pray, pray then for the miracle of understanding; for understanding the Infinite will assure you the greatest of all miracles -eternal life; substantiated in the inclusion of not only everyday experiences but the inclusion of the complete philosophy of creation and the function of its principle.

Almost needless to say, when your prayer has been answered, and the miracle of understanding begins to manifest in your life, then prayer will proportionately be seen as your first elemental attempt to personally contact the great unknown which was, at that time in your past life, superimposed as some god image. You can also be quite sure that with the miracle of understanding, a proportionate amount of various terrestrial diseases and negations will cease to plague you, and as they vanish, the seeming need for prayerful supplication also vanishes, as it is replaced by a more intelligent approach to the evolutionary principle.

It would be wise, therefore, at this moment, to completely dedicate yourself to the new proposition of life – understanding the Infinite; to cease to rely on any pantheologies, deistic doctrines, symbolic expressions, prayerful attitudes, and after discarding them, earnestly seek the Kingdom of Heaven within; a kingdom which will never be found so long as you rely on the various pacifisms of your materialistic world.

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