Law of Vibration is a Key to Understanding Law of Attraction

Of all the universal laws, the law of attraction is both the most fascinating and the most misunderstood. Fascinating, because as human beings naturally want a tool to help create the life of our dreams, and the law of attraction can certainly help us do that. Misunderstood because, unlike a tool that can take and use from time to time, but is otherwise inactive, the law of attraction is working in our lives constantly and independently, whether we are aware it, or believe it or not.

In other words, there is no need to involve the law of attraction, is already at work in his life and always will be. While you’re alive and breathing, the law of attraction is at work. This is great news! Already using the Law of Attraction to create everything in your life when you realize it or not. The results we are experiencing: your career, finances, relationships, health, home, community, and so on, are the direct result of the law of attraction and their interaction with him in thoughts and feelings.  If you are not creating the kind of life you want but most likely be created by default, allowing the law of attraction to bring more and more of the same. Unfortunately, they were not given a manual of life at birth and for many of us, our parents had no knowledge of the law of attraction and so we are not taught. To magically attract dedicated to helping us understand this powerful universal law and how you can start using the law of attraction to consciously create the life of your dreams. As in the Attract magical place, and in upcoming newsletters and articles, we will explore everything related to the law of attraction and provide tools to help you harness its power.

But to really understand the law of attraction, one must first understand the universal laws, the law of vibration.

Law of Vibration

According to the law of everything that the vibration is made of energy and has a different frequency or vibration. With the advent of powerful enough technology, science now agrees. Quantum physicists have shown that although the matter may appear to be solid, when you look through a high power microscope is broken down into smaller components: molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta (the measurable smaller particles), is ultimately almost empty space interspersed with energy.

In other words, at the quantum level, everything is made up of energy and empty space and what makes you, your home, your car, sitting chair, seems stronger the vibration frequency of the energy that makes up .

Not only will your body and what they consider “that” have a distinct and unique vibration (or rather a mixture of vibrations), but their creations, in thoughts, too different vibrations that affect or are mixed with general vibration.

In turn, their vibrations affect everything around – the environment, people and animals around them, inanimate objects, even the seemingly “empty” space and, in turn, affects you. So when you enter a room where there was a previous argument, you can feel it. Even the use of terms like “bad vibes”, “you can feel the tension,” and “cut the air with a knife could be here” to describe it. In each case what is meant is the energy footprint of the previous occupants.

Similarly, may have gone to someone’s home, office or business in which, as soon as he entered, he felt “good vibes” that filled the place. That’s because, over time, becomes a place steeped in the footsteps of the dominant vibration energy of the people who live or work there. So a house, for example, can literally be filled with love or stress or anger or sadness or any emotion, and that your home feels that way to a visitor, although none of the regular occupants home at the time. If you’ve ever entered a place that may even have noticed how relaxed and felt good in response to the “cool” around you. Of course, the degree to which you take in the vibrations of people and things that depends on you – but for most people, this is not a conscious decision.

Therefore, you are emitting vibrations every second of every day. You are also simultaneously receive and translate the vibrations of everything and everyone around you. If we use the analogy of television, which are both a television transmitter, smiling at his own unique station, and also a TV or receiver, can tune all stations or frequencies being broadcast around him. Sometimes we refer to these vibrations incoming as intuition or “hunches.”

So how do you know what your vibration is at any time?

Simple – ask yourself how you feel.

Your emotions are a quick and useful for the vibration at any time. If you feel love, you are vibrating at the frequency of love, if you feel angry, you are vibrating at the frequency of anger, if you’re curious, is vibrating at the frequency of curiosity, and the vibrations are received for everything and everyone around you. You also, through the law of attraction, bringing you more experiences that match this vibration so that when you feel angry the Law of Attraction will bring you more experiences that cause feelings of anger, that will attract angry people and find yourself in the middle of situations of anger.

Have you ever had a day he felt bad, but tried to pretend that all was well with family, friends or colleagues? It does not work right? His friends, family or co-workers know immediately that there is how to pretend to be. You can ask if something is wrong, or comment that does not seem normal. Reflected in the incongruity between what they are saying and vibration. Because they are not used to explain in terms of vibrations, which can attribute their knowledge to something more mundane such as tone of voice or body language, but even people who do not have full use of their senses can detect such inconsistency.

In short, you are sending vibrations every moment of every day. These vibrations are a mixture of his thoughts and feelings and affecting everything around it. At the same time, there is the reception and translation of the vibrations of everything around them (which may, in turn, affect your vibration by your reaction to them). Now that we understand the vibration, we’ll see how it interacts with the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction, in a nutshell, is the energy attracts like energy. Also may have heard it expressed as “like attracts like,” what is like unto itself is drawn “and even” thoughts become things. ”

The Law of Attraction is at work in your life every minute of every day. Its vibrations are constantly being transmitted to and received by the universe. This activates the law of attraction which in turn matches your vibrations and attracts similar vibrations in the form of people, things and situations in your life. In other words, they are always creating your life through your thoughts and feelings. Conditions in your life if you are what you want or not, are always a match to your dominant vibration. The law of attraction, like all universal laws, it works if you are made aware of it or believe it or not. The frequently used terms “that are focused on growing,” careful what you wish (it can only do so) “,” birds of a feather flock together “and” can not get enough of what you do not want “are examples of ways in which described the law of attraction in action.

Therefore, the question is – if your life is not as you wish it was, how do I change it? And the answer most often given by the law of attraction and personal development teachers is simple – change your thoughts.

Simple – Yes, but not easy. Here’s why.

Somewhere between 94 – 98% of all thoughts are unconscious, ie, below or outside of conscious awareness of what it means that only 2-6% of your thoughts are always aware. So, although he managed to change all conscious thoughts to be positive, that still leaves a lot of subconscious thought, at least some of which would be negative, vibrating away in the background without even being aware of it! If you have problems to create what you want in life, it is likely that your subconscious mind to blame.  In our next article we will explore the subconscious mind and how they can interfere with the law of attraction efforts.

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