Law of Attraction – 3 Ways to Become a Millionaire

Have you seen the movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? Are you focused on using the law of attraction to become a millionaire? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Below, you will find 3 useful tips for accelerating the law of attraction and manifesting millions of dollars into your life experience.

1. It’s not the money that you desire but rather the power that money gives you. Money is just paper. It only has value because the society deems it as having value. Money is simply a tool that you use to expand your experience. When you are visualizing yourself as being a millionaire or as being wealthy you shouldn’t just visualize stacks of money surrounding you. Instead, visualize yourself as shopping and making purchases. Visualize yourself writing a check to the car dealership.

2. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind. If you are having trouble manifesting money in your life then maybe your subconscious mind has been imprinted with the wrong messages. Were you taught that money was hard to get, and that you have to work hard for money? When these things are repeated to you over and over again they become beliefs. The reality that you experience is merely a reflection of these beliefs. If you want to live a millionaire lifestyle then you need to change these beliefs and the best way to do that is with self-hypnosis. There is no better way to reprogram your subconscious mind than by doing self-hypnosis either at night before you go to bed, or in the morning right as you are waking up. These are the times of day when your conscious mind is at its weakest and your subconscious mind is most susceptible to wealth affirmations. It’s time to train your subconscious mind to give you million dollar ideas.

3. Feel good about money no matter what! If you find some money on the sidewalk then you should truly rejoice! It might only be a penny but it’s a sign that you are on a wealth frequency. This is the universe showing you what frequency you are on. So you should celebrate as if it was a $100 bill. Every time you purchase something you should feel grateful for having the opportunity to spend money. By spending your money you are contributing to the economy, you are enriching the lives of others, and you are helping provide dignified work to some lucky individual. That’s what you should focus on. Don’t worry about the price, or about whether or not your spending too much. These are negative feelings about money. Get rid of these right away and allow the law of attraction to work for you!

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