Conspiracy Theory: Do Secret Societies Rule The World?

Conspiracy Theory: Secret societies rule the world

A network of secret clubs rules the world. So goes some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories, which have in common that everything is done in the deepest secrecy. The members are almost exclusively men.

Hitler got too cocky.

Theory: The Nazis secretly founded a fascist Fourth Reich in the US and want world domination.

Conspiracy Theory: Do Secret Societies Rule The World? - Secret Societies - Scientific Occultism

According to one theory, in April 1945, several wealthy Americans watched as Nazi Germany collapsed, wringing their hands. 12 years earlier, they had put Hitler in power intending to take over world domination. But because Hitler went his own way too much, the Americans turned to the opponent.

Still, the tycoons kept dreaming of a world under the rule of the Nazis. While Berlin was being bombed, they smuggled Hitler and other Nazi leaders out of the country. After the war, they continued plans for a Fourth Reich in the fascist US.

One “proof” would be that after the war leading scientists from Nazi Germany were brought to the US – such as missile builder and NSDAP member Wernher von Braun.

Satanic sect founded the US.

Theory: The Masons founded the US for the purpose of ruling the rest of the world’s population.

It is not known where the order of Freemasons came from or when the first lodges arose. According to some historians, the origins must be traced to the Middle Ages, when the very best stonemasons could carve out delicate ornaments from limestone, so-called freestone. They were known as Freemasons.

Overall, there is a haze of mysticism around Freemasonry. 

Every new member vows never to reveal the secrets of the order and even had to agree, until 1986, to have:

“his throat slit, his tongue ripped out by the root and buried in the loose sand.” 

When he talked past.

The mystery led to wild stories about the order. Some see the Masons as a satanic sect. Others think they want to create a new world order with themselves at the head. According to the conspiracy theorists, the US was founded for this purpose by the Freemason George Washington.

Conspiracy Theory: Do Secret Societies Rule The World? - Secret Societies - Scientific Occultism

A “proof” is the $1 bill, which reads Novus ordo seclorum – a new order in our time – and an all-seeing eye, a Masonic symbol.

However, a counter-argument is that several American Masons supported the English king and did not want the country to become independent.

Secret order wants to introduce tyranny.

Theory: The Illuminati want to overthrow Christian society and introduce a tyranny of the intellect.

Bavarian Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776 to end superstition, religious dogma, and power abuse.

Such ideas were dangerous, as almost all European countries were ruled by an autocratic monarch supported by the Church. Weishaupt’s Illuminati soon became powerful enemies, and after 11 years, Karl Theodoor, Elector of Bavaria, banned the order.

Although the Illuminati disappeared from the scene, they were not forgotten. Not long after, in 1789, the French Revolution began, and the revolutionaries’ actions were reminiscent of the aims of the order.

Church properties were destroyed, and priests expelled, and the royal family came under the guillotine. Several conservatives at the time, therefore, believed that the Illuminati order had remained in secret and was behind the revolution.

There are still conspiracy theorists who believe that the Illuminati are driving Western governments and want to introduce a tyranny of the intellect behind the scenes. So the order would be anything: from a satanic sect to a communist organization pursuing a new world order.

The Bavarian Illuminati used an owl as a symbol. Conspiracy thinkers still see that sign popping up everywhere today. To them, this shows that the Illuminati order still exists.

Every July, senior politicians gather at the Bohemian Grove campground in California. Some say it is an Illuminati gathering because of the image of an owl here.

Conspiracy Theory: Do Secret Societies Rule The World? - Secret Societies - Scientific Occultism
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Asian mafia killed Bruce Lee.

Theory: The triads run the Asian film industry and kill stars who don’t dance to their tune.

Large parts of the Asian underworld are controlled by triads. The organization emerged in the 1760s as a rebel movement seeking to bring the Han dynasty back to the Chinese throne and see itself as Guan Yu’s successor. This general fought to keep the Han dynasty together in the 3rd century.

When the Chinese emperor fell in 1911, the triads suddenly lost their purpose. They, therefore, focused on crime and developed into the Asian counterpart of the mafia. Conspiracy thinkers often accuse them of running the Asian film industry. For example, they would have killed the actor Bruce Lee because he did not want to pay protection money.

A lot of the US is owned by a sorority.

Theory: Skull and Bones is not just a sorority. It trains young men to become world rulers.

Every year since 1832, 15 students at Yale University have been inducted into the Skull and Bones Society. They would be slapped, and mud wrestled naked.

However, according to conspiracy thinkers, Skull and Bones are much more than a student association with a fierce hazing. The real goal is to form an elite who will rule the world.

The conspiracy thinkers are supported by the fact that various so-called Bonesmen have held a powerful position. For example, William Taft, the 27th President of the United States, was a member, as were Presidents George Bush Senior and Junior.

Conspiracy Theory: Do Secret Societies Rule The World? - Secret Societies - Scientific Occultism
© Yale University Library

However, the members’ success probably has more to do with the good network of the association.

The number in the Skull and Bones logo would hide the devil’s number 666. The complex calculation is as follows: 3 x 2 x 2 = 12 = 6 + 6 = 66. If you add 600 to 66, you get 666.

The logo refers to the death of the Greek orator Demosthenes in 322 BC.

Politicians deliberately provoke wars.

Theory: Bilderberg wants to create a dark world government and enslave the population.

The members of Bilderberg belong to the absolute elite in the field of economics and politics.

At an annual closed summit, they discuss the world’s situation and, according to critics, ensure that everything develops exactly according to their wishes.

Conspiracy thinkers believe the group wants to create a dark world government under its leadership by provoking crises. When voters think things are going wrong with the world, they are more likely to accept their leaders as saviors.

Bilderberg was founded after the Second World War by the Polish diplomat Józef Retinger and Prince Bernhard, among others, to discuss international politics with the elite in an informal atmosphere. Since 1954, mighty men and women have been meeting at the conference.

Scientists are Satanists

Theory: The Rosicrucians are scientists who have a pact with the devil.

In 1614 a manifesto was published about a secret society called the Rosicrucians. The anonymous writer told in detail about a society of scientists who healed the sick, talked about philosophy and maths, and practiced magic.

It is doubtful that this brotherhood ever existed. Still, shortly after the publication of the manifesto, the order was already accused of colluding with the devil.

Nevertheless, the manifesto gained diverse followers, and even today, several lodges claim to be the heirs of the Rosicrucians. This applies, for example, to AMORC, which deals with telepathy and cosmic consciousness.

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