Connection Between People on Energetic Level

In the universe, in order to maintain the spiritual and material energy balance, energy metabolism is permanently and continuously taking place. This circulation of energy takes place in the framework of the energy preservation law.
Community — in fact — it is the energy exchange. The generated energy is given to a man from the outside. But, in accordance with the laws of energy preservation, a person must receive energy from outside. Hence the need to communicate.

People communicate for the sake of personal gain. During the interaction between people there is a power of exchange – one gives and the other receives and vice versa. If people like each other, the intensive energy exchange takes place between them. At the same time, both are experiencing the pleasure of communicating.

Even if two experiencing a mutual attraction, not talking, pretending indifference, their energy fields are still attracted to each other. As they say, “I have to pull it.”

During communication between two people of their auras form channels through which flow into both sides of the energy flows. The streams can be of any color and make any form (you can see them, possessing abilities to extrasensory perception).

Energy channels associated partners through appropriate aura chakra depending on the type of communication:

  1. Muladhara (base chakra) – relatives.
  2. Svadhisthana (sexual chakra) – lovers, married couple, with friends on the cheerful pastime, relatives.
  3. Manipur (navel chakra) – relatives, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, friends, sport and those with whom to compete.
  4. Anahata (heart chakra) – objects of emotional interaction, these are the people whom we love. For the harmonious development of men and women need to channel availability and sexual chakra (chakra).
  5. Vishuddha (throat chakra) – associates, colleagues and others.
  6. Ajna (frontal chakra) – imitation and the adoration of an idol, the leader of the sect and other hypnotic feeds, suggestion of thought.. Telepathic communication with another person.
  7. Sahasrara (the crown chakra) – communicate only with egregors (groups, religious communities, sects, football fan clubs, political ideology, etc.)

The more passionate about each other partners, the more robust and active channels are formed.


In the course of becoming a close relationship of trust all the chakras gradually channels communicate. It is in this way there are strong relationships that are not subject to any distances or time. For example, a mother always feels her child, no matter where he was, and how many years have passed since any of their last meeting. It also happens that when meeting an old friend after many years, the person feels as if they had parted only yesterday.

Channels can be stored for a long time – years, decades, and go from incarnation to incarnation. That is, the channels are connected not only the body but also the soul. Energy channels of a healthy relationships come  form bright, clean, heartbeat channels. In such a relationship is trust, intimacy, sincerity and still plenty of room for personal freedom. Here there is an equal exchange of energy, without distortions.

If the relationship is unhealthy, that is, one partner is dependent on the other, the channels are heavy, stagnant, dull. Such relationships are imprisoned, often reduced to the mutual irritation and anger.

If one partner wants to fully control the other channels may encircle the aura all around.

When the relationship is gradually dying, and the channels are thinner, weakened. Over time, the energy is no longer run on these channels, the connection is terminated, people become strangers.

If people break up, but channels are still present, they continue to reach out to each other. It also happens when one partner breaks the communication channels and locked from further interaction, the other partner is still attached to him and tries to break through the protection of energy to restore the relationship. During the violent rupture separation channels are very painful. On recovery it takes many months or years. Much depends on how the person is ready to accept another’s free will and free from dependence, produced for a long time.

Most channels arranged in everyday communication, eventually disappear. In the case of a close relationship, the channels are stored for a long time, even after breaking up some channels remain. Particularly strong channels arise in sexual and family relations.

Every time you have sex with a new partner creates new channels for sexual chakra, connecting people over the years, and even the whole of their lives. This does not matter, whether the sexual partners had to learn each other’s names – the channel in the case of sexual intercourse is produced and kept for a long time. And if there is a channel that is the circulation and energy on it. And what quality comes power – it is hard to say, it depends on the characteristics of the field of another person. To sleep or not to sleep, if you sleep, with whom – to decide, of course, you. Well, when this happens consciously.

It is believed that the strongest channels – parent. But there may be also embodiment.

In people who have long lived side by side, the energy field (aura) are adjusted to each other, and work in unison. Intimate relationships require synchronization fields. Often we see that the people who live together for a long time, becoming even look alike. If the characteristics of the auras of two individuals are very different, they will be difficult to communicate. When in the field of energy flows invading alien to him, there is a repulsive reaction, fear, disgust. “I’m sick of it.” When a person does not want someone to talk, he closes his energy field, and all the energy flows coming from the other person is recognized. In this case, the other gives the impression that it can not hear, as if he were talking to a wall.

During his illness is a weakening of the energy field of the patient, he unknowingly makes up for the missing power by the person who is next. This happens automatically. Healthy people feed patients. It’s part of family life: first, I’ll help you, then you tell me. If the disease is prolonged and severe, all family members can feel its devastating impact. They eventually will feel fatigue and unwillingness to care for the sick. At such times it is important to be able to make up their own energy reserves. You can not give all the time only to care for the sick, it is necessary to be distracted. To help may come hobby, sport, work, friends, fun.

Negative emotions (anger, envy, jealousy, etc.), Directed toward another person, punch his aura of dark energy flow. In this case the leakage of energy in favor of the aggressor. The man, whose aura is contaminated imperfect thinking, dislike, or sadness, is not able to obtain energy from outer space, and it makes up for its energy hunger by other people. This so-called energy vampirism.

Vampire can be active. In this case, it takes the energy from another person through active release of negativity towards him. It is usually trouble-conflict people, constantly nagging and angry. If the answer to the vicious attack of a man you answered emotionally – upset, angry – that your energy flowed to him. It turns out that the basic security – and peace of mind to ignore.

Vampires are inactive. Such a person will put pressure on the pity, constantly telling them what he is unhappy, sick as he was not lucky in life, things are going in the world against him, no one does not like or understand. The natural reaction of the interlocutor good – pity, help and support – that is, to share their energy. Vampire that should be. But do not think that after that things will change. In each subsequent time you will be forced to listen to all the same complaints and groans, and after talking to feel squeezed out and tired. To give or not to give their vital energy (regret or feel sorry for) – it’s you and only you.

The highly negative interactions can cause the destruction of such a strong field, that person will have a long time afterwards to recover. Some processes of healing aura occur automatically. In this case, they say, “time heals”. But some wounds leave behind a life-long scars, which can be transferred to future lives. People in this case tend to avoid pain and to protect their wounds energy and psychological blocks.

It remains to be said that the channels can bind not only two people, the channels can bind a person to an animal, a plant, or any inanimate object. For example, many people know the feeling of longing for a place or house where there have been important developments. A person can become attached to his car, the child – to his toy.

In the case of depending on the object to which the stretched solid, but unhealthy energy channels, these channels are called bindings (attachments). Bindings blocking human free will and disrupt the energy balance. About bindings will be discussed in the next article.

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