Alignment and the law of attraction

By: David P Kennedy

Alignment or aligning yourself to and with the source energy that permeates everything in life will bring to you all your desires in life. How do you do it? I will give to you here several points to consider..

#1) Gratitude. Every morning you wake up be thankful for the things in life that make you happy. For things that you want in your life that makes you happy. The big secret behind this and what makes it really work for you is this…Feel it.

You must Feel gratitude. Being thankful for all these things will draw you to source energy and it will draw all that is related to what you are thankful for to which you feel in more abundance to you. Your day will be filled with that which you feel. The point is to feel great and feel happy here. If you feel bad you’re thinking the wrong thoughts.

Just by changing the way you think or feel will change its outcome. All that everything is made of responds to you. Good or bad. Being Grateful is the perfect start to any ones day. Remind yourself throughout the day of what you are happy about always feeling it deep inside of you. On this one point alone you will begin to understand the power of the law of attraction and how it works to make things real in your life.

When you feel good you’re on the right track. When you feel bad just change the way you think or feel. It’s really that simple and powerful. So if you want happiness in your life just think and feel it…draw it back to you and it will manifest into being a part of who you now want to be. It’s a great starting point to Alignment and the law of attraction.

#2) Ask. If you want anything in life you start by asking for it right? I mean if you go to a restaurant you don’t stand at the counter and stare at the one taking your order right? You give a detailed order of what you want. That way the one who is taking the order (In your case the universe) will know better about what you desire or want and fill the order for you. With ordering or asking for what you want from the universe it’s more about what you are thinking about the most.

You can be specific like I want a million dollars or general like I want to be financially secure. Now as in step #1 feel it. Make it yours and become obsessed with it. Think about it all the time but do not put a time limit on it. You can but it’s best to let the universe work that out for you. Don’t try to understand what’s off your radar screen the universe will set it all up for you.

Just feel it as being real and coming to you and if you feel good when you think about what you have asked for it is on its way. If you let yourself become discouraged and you feel bad when you think about what you asked for no worries just change your thoughts to the feel good zone and carry on.

#3) Believe. Following step #2 feeling is the key to the law of attraction and Alignment. Just the feeling of feeling good should tell you that you believe. When you feel bad while thinking about what you asked for or desire your belief system is off and you need to just feel good again. Change the way you are thinking or looking at it. The universe will respond to you. Henry Ford had a great saying it went something like this…Weather you think you can or think you can’t you are right.

The universe will bring to you what you are thinking or feeling the most about. Good or bad. If you keep thinking how much dept you have you will get more of it see? If you see or feel that your finances are getting better and better everyday just by changing the way you think about it and feel will come to you provided that you feel it.

That becomes your new belief system after a while. You begin to see more and more success in your life. You become more positive and by that draw more positive thoughts to you. Just believe in what you have asked for and feel good about it and it will manifest into your life,

#4) Receive. Remember also for all the steps here in this article this important point. Everything vibrates. Everything is energy and all connected and vibrates at different intervolves giving it all different appearances.

By asking for what you desire and feeling it as already being yours you set off a vibration to that. The universe takes your order like at the counter by feeling what you’re feeling or asking for and starts to get the order together for you. It picks up on your feelings or vibrations and as a result of asking, believing that you will get it, all you have to do now is wait for your order to come to you. Watch for it and be patient about it.

When your order comes in you have to be willing to receive it. Than be grateful for it. Don’t forget that point. Being grateful for receiving what you asked for will set you up for the next time you ask for something and it will come quicker and quicker next times.

Alignment and the law of attraction…

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