4 Simple Steps to Manifesting Money using the Law of Attraction

Manifesting money has always been a struggle in my life…until 2 years ago. I read “The Secret” and got very excited about the whole concept, only I could not quite get the manifesting money portion right. I tried really hard to channel my thoughts in the right way, but the money just was not coming.

I had written this book and was adament that I should get the printing sponsored and publish the book and be interviewed on tv and on radio and in the papers…only thing is, I have never published a book before. All the potential sponsors loved the idea, but when it came to putting their money where their mouths were…well let me just say, I was not manifesting the money and hence the book only existed on my computer.

Needless to say, I did get despondent and frustrated and I even started believing that this whole manifesting money hype was a croc – but I decided that I needed to learn more about it. Perhaps manifesting money should be done in a different way? Perhaps I was not doing it right and therefore not manifesting the money I needed to get this book published?

I bought a book called “Excuse me, your Life is Waiting” by the Author Lynn Grabhorn. Well let me tell you, if you have been struggling to manifest money or anything else for that matter…get this book,it really explains the law of attraction in detail and why you are doing it
wrong. I decided that I would apply her teachings and this would proove to me, once and for all, if one can manifest money using the law of attraction.

In very brief summary, these are the steps you need to follow if you want to be manifesting money (or anything else) in your life.

1) Identify what you DON’T want
I wanted no more no’s for my book, I wanted no more lack of money and no more difficult publishers.

2) Identify what you DO want
This was easy, I wanted money for the book, I wanted it publsihed and I wanted the media to love it.

3)Get into the feeling place of what you want

4) Expect, listen and allow it to happen
When we try to manifest money, we often get it wrong at step 1. We get so desperate and yearn for that “yes” that it is not a good feeling place. Remember, the law of attraction only reacts to feelings. So, to manifest money, you have to be in a good FEELING place about it.

I applied these techniques and within 2 months I found a sponsor (He gave me double the amount I was hoping for). I found a great publisher and the TV show I was dreaming about being on…that was only one of the 4 talk shows that invited me in for interviews – absolutely amazing!
By the way, the book I wrote is called “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Rugby” and is just a humorous look at the game and its supporters. And yes, it is still manifesting money today.

Manifesting money and all of your other dreams is really possible and even easier than you think.All you need to learn is how to manipulate your thoughts into a FEELING and BELIEVING place. This is the only hard part,but if you can master it, you will have no problem manifesting more money in the future.

The best help I can recommend in this regard is the book I mentioned above:

Excuse me, your life is waiting.

…and Bob Proctor from “THe Secret” has a new program that is extremely helpful – almost sure fire program for manifesting money.

He calls it “The 11 forgotten Laws”.
With the tools mentioned above, there is no reason you won’t be manifesting money and all your other dreams in no time.Go and check it out and let’s all lift the vibration of this world so we can make it a better place!

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