3 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent People From Manifesting Abundance In Their Lives

We were all born rich. We were all born with an equal right to attract abundance to our lives. However, not all of us manage to do that. What stops us? Well, apart from not having any idea about the Law of Attraction and manifesting abundance, one could also be handicapped by the following 3 big mistakes while trying to use the Law of Attraction:

Mistake No 1: Wishing for abundance while not being 100% grateful about our current circumstances.

This mistake must be the biggest one. Many people expect to attract abundance into their lives, but they forget about the importance of the Principle of Gratitude. Put in short, this principle is that you have to be absolutely grateful for everything in your life, even if you do not like it. Only after fulfilling this requirement, will you be able to manifest abundance. And this is not some kind of metaphysical nonsense. Come to think about it – can you proceed happily forward without being happy with the now? Can you get more without being perfectly happy with yourself and what you have right now? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO.

Mistake No 2: Not holding a strong and detailed enough image of the desired object of our desire.

The Law of Attraction works relentlessly. It takes no breaks. But it can only give you what you ask for. Therefore, if you are vague about what you want, it will not give you what you meant. It will give you what you asked for. If you asked for some money, you will probably get a little. If you asked for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you will not get your ideal mate, but someone random – just as random as your image. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to have a clear image of what we want in order to be able to attain the object of our desires. The more detailed, the better, and then keep holding it in your mind!

Mistake No 3: Not following the Law of Gestation and being too impatient

So, you have planted the seed of your desired outcome. You have transmitted the message to the Infinite Intelligence. Now what? Well, you keep projecting this image as often as possible while constantly being grateful until this image is manifested in your life. But how long is it going to take? Or has it been too long, so that I should already give up? It can never be too long. Just keep at it and if you follow the steps, you will have it. Yes, it might take time, but this is the Law of Gestation – it takes time for a fruit to come out of the seed. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how long it will take, but one thing is for certain – if you keep at it, it will come true.

So, avoid these three mistakes at all times and your successful manifestation of abundance is almost guaranteed!

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