How to Have a Better Understanding of The Law Of Attraction in 3 Ways

Have you seen the film “The Secret”? Have you felt the need to learn more about the law of attraction? Have you found those that want to help you in your search to understand the law of attraction? Truth is the law of attraction is just a name.

How does the law of attraction work? What is the law of attraction? Everyone has their own idea, but no one is one hundred percent sure. It starts from like attracting like. Imagine yourself as a magnet, drawing in everything in your life such as people, wealth, health and happiness. All your visions, all your thoughts, all your feelings, working together to attract those things in your life you most desire. But, the more you use and understand the law of attraction, the more you find that only you are the one responsible for everything that you attract into your life.

This can be a hard thing to understand, especially when you’ve been raised to believe that someone or something else punishes or rewards you for something. It can also be hard to believe that things just happen to you. You need to understand that the law of attraction goes beyond your own conscious mind, this also includes your deep subconscious mind, including your feelings, thoughts and visions. Most of the time, your deep, hidden feelings override what you feel and think without you knowing. Your deepest subconscious feelings have deep and strong roots, while your conscious thoughts don’t.

Visualise a tree with its branches above the surface of the earth, now visualise its deep, thick roots under the surface of the earth. Your life needs to follow the same path as that tree. To understand the law of attraction will require you to have a life time of learning and experience. You can not expect to know everything about the law of attraction just by watching a movie. This is only one person’s interpretation. There are many ways for you to have a better understanding of the law of attraction and how to use it to bring yourself those better things that you want in this world.

Here are three of the ways to understand the law of attraction;

1. Read as many books about the law of attraction

There have been many books written on the subject of the law of attraction. Some of them are known as, Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key System, even The Secret. There are many more and they may not directly say the law of attraction but as you read them, you will come to have an deeper understanding about the law of attraction and what it actually means.

2. Use the law of attraction every day

You may have only just found out about this today, if you have, then start to practice it now. Look around you and inside of you for evidence of everything you want to attract.

3. Be patient

You are the law of attraction. You will not see changes overnight, so don’t expect them. But do be open minded to all the fantastic possibilities that are out there for you.

Love is the centre of the law of attraction. Your subconscious obeys all of your conscious wishes, as well as everything you consistently think, observe and feel. Believe it or not, the universe around you is exactly the same way. It is unconditional love and your deeper level of subconscious does not judge you at all. What ever you constantly focus on, will be attracted to you. If you keep saying you don’t want certain things or you keep thinking about what you don’t want, guess what? You are focussing on these things, so they will be attracted to you. For example, “I don’t want debt”. Because you are focussing on the word ‘Debt’, you will attract debt. The key to this part of the law of attraction is to concentrate your focus on the things you do want. This is the hard part, but once mastered, you will attract all the good things of health, wealth and happiness into your world.

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